trinidad serenaders limbo the latest dance craze - Trinidad Parang Season Festival -

Notable parang bands and artists include Daisy Voisin , Henry Perreira , Sharlene Flores , Leon Caldero , Baron, Scrunter, Jacqueline Charles, Lara Brothers , Francisca Allard & Philip Allard (Dinamicos), Los Tocadores , Fuego Caribeño [1] , Irvys Juarez , "Rhonda Rosales", Los Parranderos de UWI, Los Alumnos de San Juan and del Caribe, Las Estrellas De Paramin, Los Paramininos, Los Alacranes. Other popular bands include:

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Kids can easily create a tambourine with two sturdy paper plates and some beads, dry beans, or other small objects. Simply staple or tape the two plates together around the rim with the beans inside.

Of course, the tambourine will look very good if the kids color or paint the paper plates first. They can even attach strips of paper or ribbon around the outside to make it even fancier.

Good Morning and Happy New Year to all my StormCarib family. I pray that you all are well and dry and safe. It has been a wet start to the year in Trinidad. With rain due to the ITCZ system that has drifted more north than expected for this time of the year. Today for example we had strong showers with gusty winds throughout majority of Trinidad. The rains came down suddenly that I got soaked while at the airport today. Please don't forget to walk with your umbrellas and be blessed.

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Trinidad Serenaders Limbo The Latest Dance CrazeTrinidad Serenaders Limbo The Latest Dance CrazeTrinidad Serenaders Limbo The Latest Dance CrazeTrinidad Serenaders Limbo The Latest Dance Craze