Headcleaners disinfection ep - The 20 most essential hardcore releases in the Nordic.

Kärnvapen Attack As a band, Mob 47 fully represent everything us Swedes mean when we use the word Mangel … [ more ]

Fredagskväll This is one release that I know absolutely nothing about. The record is from KBD Martin’s collection. Good I have the book Ny Våg – Svensk Punk / New Wave / Synth 1977-1982 by Peter Kagerland ; Here I read that the band was from Tranås and was headed by Håkan Schüler (vox & guitar) and the members were inspired by the first wave of American and UK punk bands. The record was pressed in 300 copies. After Gollywog quit, Håkan moved over to Nässjö-based Rottweiler.

Artwork by Joel Abramhamsson, 2013. blah, blah, blah – take me to the records. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the best and the most essential hardcore ...

Headcleaners Disinfection EPHeadcleaners Disinfection EPHeadcleaners Disinfection EPHeadcleaners Disinfection EP