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The next track "I Know It" has a gentler swing to it and features music from piano, a saxophone, synth phrases while having an offbeat chord change. [17] "Holiday" consists of a four-bar sequence , featuring instrumentation from guitars, electronic drums and handclaps from the Oberheim DMX , cowbell played by Madonna and a synthesized string arrangement. A side-by-side repetitive progression is achieved by making use of the chorus . [19] Towards the end of the song, a change in the arrangement happens, where a piano break is heard. Lyrically, the song expresses the universal sentiment that everybody needs a holiday. [19] In "Think of Me", Madonna warns her erring lover that he should pay her attention or else she would leave. The song consists of beats from the Linn drum machine and a saxophone interlude. "Physical Attraction" is a medium paced track, with synth bass, a guitar line, sounds of a brass and Madonna singing in a shrill voice, about the attraction between herself and a boy. [19] The last song on the album is "Everybody", which starts with a heavily synthesized and spoken introduction , with Madonna taking a loud intake of breath. [20] She displayed her bubblegum-pop like voice in the song, which was also doubletracked . [20]

" Miles Away " is a song by American singer and songwriter Madonna from her eleventh studio album, Hard Candy. It was first released as a promotional single in Japan ...

The Rebel Heart Tour was directed by Jamie King with musical direction by Kevin Antunes (with band keyboardist Ric'key Pageot, drummer Brian Frasier-Moore, guitarist Monte Pittman, and background vocalists Kiley Dean and Nicki Richards), lead choreography by Megan Lawson, hair by Andy LeCompte, makeup by Aaron Henrikson, and costume design by Arianne Phillips.

After forming her own company – Madonna, produced a book titled ‘Sex’ . It featured nude photography and was quite controversial, especially in the US; but it sold over half a million copies.

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Madonna Madonna MixMadonna Madonna MixMadonna Madonna MixMadonna Madonna Mix