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        In the seventh grade, a 12-year-old Ray was working with his class on a recycling project outside a hospital during the holidays.  The project was for the class to construct an 18-foot-tall Christmas tree, made entirely of aluminum cans.  There was some media coverage from a local news program and a few reporters and cameras were present to record their efforts.  Young Ray had slipped away not far from the class and began to scribble in a little pad he carried.  Carrying a pad was a habit he had developed earlier.  As Ray drew, he was approached by a woman who asked to see his drawings, which he did.  Then, she asked if she could have the drawing and wanted his name and phone number.  Ray gave her the information, she left the scene and he returned to his classmates.  That was on a Friday.  That very next Monday, this same woman called Ray and his family at home. She was the editor for Kids Magazine, a national magazine that catered to, well, kids!  She asked Ray to come downtown to the office to try his hand at drawing a picture to accompany a short story they were planning to publish.  Escorted by Mother Billingsley, Ray arrived at the Kids Magazine office downtown after school.  He drew a few pictures and one was accepted and bought, for the price of $5. Back then, $5 was a big deal to a 12-year-old.  A few days afterward, Ray was hired as a staff artist.  From then on, every day when school ended for the day, they sent a car to take Ray to the Kids Magazine office to draw and work on submitted stories. It became a way for Ray to make money, legally.

Watch the video to see before and after shots of the brothel and hear what Heidi has planned for additional renovations. "It's not the dirty little secret where people drive up and sneak in real quickly, and then afterwards they're full of shame, like: 'Why did I do that? Oh, damn,'" she says. "It's something where people are so proud to be here, not only do they come back, but bring their friends back."

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10. Curtis didn’t just do her own stuntwork; she also brought her own wardrobe. The bra and underwear set she wears during Helen’s famous striptease scene were her own.

1967: Drums Rob McLemore, bass guitar Jerry Williams, lead guitar Jimmy Shields, organ Freddie Birdwell and singer Bobby Neighbors

Dennis Curtis Come With MeDennis Curtis Come With MeDennis Curtis Come With MeDennis Curtis Come With Me