Four for jazz power of nature - Tower of Power - Dimitriou s Jazz Alley - Pacific Jazz.

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Injured Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap, left, and guard Thabo Sefolosha watch from the bench as the Hawks fall 107-92 to the Brooklyn Nets.   (Photo: Curtis Compton, Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

After being separated from Sam Witwicky, Ratchet hurried to Jazz, but his spark had already faded. In the aftermath of Megatron's defeat, Ironhide somberly handed Optimus Prime Jazz's remains as he reported that they could not save their comrade. The Autobot leader half-heartedly eulogized him, and quickly moved on. Transformers

When the Cybertronian civil war had yet to leave the planet, Optimus asked his Autobots to join him in leaving their home world behind and travel out into space. When Bumblebee volunteered to join Optimus, Jazz and the rest of the Autobots jumped in as well. After crash-landing on Earth and being offline for about 65 millions years, Jazz and the rest of the Autobots met Sparkplug and his son Spike. With the Decepticons still not in the know of what forms the Autobots had taken, Jazz was one of the troops that Optimus led into the desert in order to ambush their enemies. Though they successfully took by surprise a squadron of Decepticons, the Autobots had not anticipated a second group flying in from the opposite direction. Thanks to a warning from Spike and Sparkplug, the Autobots managed to fend off the Decepticons, and came to accept Earth as their new home. Battle for Cybertron

The Cavs ranked 28th defensively over an eight-game stretch leading into the Christmas game (hello, regression), and they allowed both the Bucks and Bulls to shoot better than 50 percent as they split a couple of games that went down to the wire last week. On Monday though, the story was on the other end of the floor, where they shot 10-for-38 in the paint against the Warriors' length (and some interesting no-calls). The bench was a story too; The Cavs have the league's most improved bench NetRtg from last season, but the second unit wasn't good enough (shooting 6-for-26 and registering a minus-9 in 21-plus minutes with at least two reserves on the floor) against the league's best bench on Monday. The rematch (hopefully featuring both Stephen Curry and Isaiah Thomas) is less than three weeks away.

SE cars come with alloy wheels, a seven-inch touchscreen and front and rear parking sensors, while the Driver Assistance Safety Pack, adds traffic sign recognition, forward collision warning and a lane departure system.

A highly precise, Nagra-made modulometer, similar to that of the legendary NAGRA IV-S, provides a multitude of functions through two coaxial, internal pointers representing the left and right channels. The Nagra modulometer is a true measurement device that allows precision over a large scale. The modulometer can be used to adjust the volume and balance potentiometers for:

Four For Jazz Power Of NatureFour For Jazz Power Of NatureFour For Jazz Power Of NatureFour For Jazz Power Of Nature