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Cut the next piece of sod in half and lay it against the first, staggering the joints like in a course of bricks. A cheap carpet knife works well to slice through sod.

Chris Chaney and Mike Ford of Midland, Texas continued their training early this afternoon at the turf farms.  We were joined by Bill Cobb and Tom Bird.  Conditions were fairly light but consistent: south at 5-7 mph.  We started fairly early in the afternoon and were up in the air by 4PM and continued to fly until dark.  The goal, as always, was to demonstrate control at launch and land safely at the LZ cone.  Chris led the way today, landing close to the cone nearly every time.  Tom brought his paramotor and did a series of touch n' goes right at the end of the day.  Marilyn did a superb job running the ATV drogue retrieval system, keeping the pilots in the air one after the other.  Thank you!

Marine Phytoplankton is under the spotlight because a number of online resellers are making claims that many people find impossible to believe - and before you even ...

I had a side yard when I bought this house that had lots of bermuda in it. I started new beds with the lasagna method (newspaper and about a foot of organic matter on top). Yep, the bermuda came on through.

One advantage of tilling is that the original organic matter is retained in the garden as the sod is turned under. You can add organic matter by forking or shoveling compost, manure, grass clippings, or leaf mold onto the sod before tilling.

Sod Too Loose To Get TightSod Too Loose To Get TightSod Too Loose To Get TightSod Too Loose To Get Tight