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The Oracle Yoyo is designed for those just beginning their journey into 2A yoyo tricks. It loops consistently and sleeps surprisingly well for a 2A yoyo. It also costs less than half of some other 2A yoyos, so getting two won’t break the bank. In the Oracle Two-Handed Kit we have also included lube, strings, and finger wrap for optimal play.

Hi there, I am concerned that the dr did our IUI too early. I had 4 eggs all at a good size so I took the ovidrel on Tuesday 10am and sechuled IUI for Thursday at 10am. Everything went well but I continued to test my ovulation at home with my kit. It showed that today (Sunday) that I am ovulating! How is this possible, did the IUI happen on the wrong day, could the ovidrel not have worked, is the home kit wrong? So many questions! Thank you

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The Yo-Yo Shop was founded with a vision of providing a fresh shopping experience with excellent customer service, fast shipping and a vast product selection at great prices. The Yo-Yo Shop is owned and operated by Yo-Yo Player, Professional, and National Yo-Yo Achievement Award Winner Brandon Jackson. We have many years of experience and know what our customers look for and expect in a skill toy retailer. If you are looking for a new yo-yo or any other skill toy related products, you will most likely find it here. If you can not locate the product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email and we'll do our best to get it in stock right away! Whether it's supporting local yo-yo clubs or assisting with organizing local events, The Yo-Yo Shop is and always will be an active supporter of the skill toy scene/community.

Anyone who has a set top box or MHP ( Multimedia Home Platform ) television can enjoy the interactive features included in the broadcaster's signal ( interactive TV ), called Channel 5 Plus .

Yoyofactory is a new school pro level yoyo manufacturer, and they make terrific  yoyos . Whether it is metal or plastic yoyos, adjustable gaps, or just a plain looping yo yo, they have it all. New to yoyoing? Don't miss our educational Yoyo Buyer's Guide . Click on each yoyo to get a detailed description and see a larger photo.

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