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Even in the unlikely event that a feral cat develops rabies, it can’t spread the disease to people without biting them, and feral cats rarely seek direct contact with humans. The idea that cats will unexpectedly jump out of alleys and bite children is just as ridiculous as it sounds. A 1998 analysis showed that about 90 percent of cat bites were provoked, and the vast majority of cat bites are caused by pets. 5

All the cats in this genus share a common ancestor that is believed to have lived around 6–7 million years ago in the Near East (the Middle East). [35] The exact relationships within the Felidae are close but still uncertain, [36] [37] . the Chinese mountain cat is sometimes classified (under the name Felis silvestris bieti ) as a subspecies of the wildcat, like the North African variety F. s. lybica . [28] [36]

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Most people don’t even notice they’re there—the shadowy, low-slung figures that melt into dark corners in alleys, duck under cars, or disappear down storm drains. These are the forgotten cats of Baltimore. The strays, abandoned pets, and feral cats who try to scratch out a living by foraging through trash cans and living in abandoned houses.

It’s estimated that there are 185,000 stray and feral cats living on the streets of Baltimore City alone—that’s one cat for every human residents. Nationwide, the number is estimated to be 60 million, equal to the number of pet cats in the United States.

81 percent of American believe that leaving a stray cat outside to live out its life is more humane than having the cat caught and killed. (Source: Alley Cat Allies, “. Public Opinion on Humane Treatment of Stray Cats” .) The most humane way to manage feral cat populations is through trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs.

Community Cats Maryland, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping feral cat caretakers pursue TNR. We provide resources, information and support to Maryland residents who are caring for outdoor/feral cats. We offer educational workshops about feral cat management and TNR, and run monthly low-cost spay/neuter clinics for feral cats.

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Some animal rescue organizations maintain farm cat programs, where they place cats in barns whose owners agree to provide basic care for the animals. The cats in these programs are often feral cats who cannot safely be returned to their colonies, or cats who are semi-feral or otherwise difficult to adopt due to behavioral issues. [9]

Until spaying and neutering pets became available and accessible around the 1930s, keeping intact cats indoors was messy business during mating season. Techniques had been developed for sterilizing livestock, but American households would have had a hard time finding a veterinarian trained to safely neuter pets before this time. 10 Just as cats found their own food and litter areas outdoors, 20th century cats bred and gave birth outdoors as they have done since their origins in the Fertile Crescent 10,000 years ago. While some of those cats’ offspring can – if brought into human contact when they are young enough – successfully be socialized and integrated into human homes, many cats remain outside, living the same outdoor lives they always have, with or without human contact. Although adult feral cats—cats that are not socialized to people—cannot become indoor pets, neutering and returning them to their outdoor home improves their lives.

The Alley Cats 3 The Remains The Alley Cats The RemainsThe Alley Cats 3 The Remains The Alley Cats The RemainsThe Alley Cats 3 The Remains The Alley Cats The RemainsThe Alley Cats 3 The Remains The Alley Cats The Remains