Christopher hobbs john adams gavin bryars ensemble pieces - St. John’s Wort: A Review – Dr. Christopher Hobbs

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Hobbes gained a reputation in many fields. He was known as a scientist (especially in optics), as a mathematician (especially in geometry), as a translator of the classics, as a writer on law, as a disputant in metaphysics and epistemology; not least, he became notorious for his writings and disputes on religious questions. But it is for his writings on morality and politics that he has, rightly, been most remembered. Without these, scholars might remember Hobbes as an interesting intellectual of the seventeenth century; but few philosophers would even recognize his name.

In November of 1994, more than a year after the murders of the three children in West Memphis, Hobbs again experienced trouble with the law. After an altercation with his wife, Pam Hobbs , wherein he reportedly hit her, he shot his brother-in-law. Jackie Jr. Hicks came to the Hobbs' residence after he was informed of the encounter. Terry Hobbs would later state that he shot Jackie Jr. in self-defense. Jackie Jr. survived the shooting, but died years later as a result of complications pertaining to his injuries. Hobbs was sentenced to six months in prison for aggravated assault. [5]

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The name Hypericum is ancient and may have several derivations. Yperikon was first mentioned by Euryphon, a Greek doctor from 288 BC [7]. Pliny called the ground pine Hyperikon , though also chamaepitys and corion [8]. One common explanation for the name Hypericum is that it may derive from ereike (heather) and hyper (above) [9]. However, although one Greek species of Hypericum looked similar to heather (though it grew taller), it seems more likely that the name derives from eikon (a figure, possibly an unwanted apparition) and hyper (above), which relates to the ancient use of St. John’s wort to exorcise evil spirits or influences [10], since the plant may have been placed over religious icons as a symbol of protection. Linnaeus, who described the genus, thought that Hypericum came from yper (upper) and eikon (an image) [11].

Christopher Hobbs John Adams Gavin Bryars Ensemble PiecesChristopher Hobbs John Adams Gavin Bryars Ensemble PiecesChristopher Hobbs John Adams Gavin Bryars Ensemble PiecesChristopher Hobbs John Adams Gavin Bryars Ensemble Pieces