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Simultaneously, my friend Laura began working for a woman's law organisation in Kenya, another friend Juliette became heavily involved in her job with a film company and Georgina - another pal - moved to a different town.

 · Dr. Kelly Brogan shares valuable insights on the dangers of psychiatric medication, and poses the question, should you get off psych meds ?

Alice met the White Rabbit again, who mistook her for a servant and sent her off to fetch his things. While in the White Rabbit's house, Alice drank an unmarked bottle of liquid and grew to the size of the room. The White Rabbit returned to his house, fuming at the now-giant Alice, but she swatted him and his servants away with her giant hand. The animals outside tried to get her out of the house by throwing rocks at her, which inexplicably transformed into cakes when they landed in the house.

James eyed his wife out of the corner of his eye. Why couldn't he have married a nice normal girl, or even a girl that was only slightly unhinged, like Bellatrix? No, he had to let his fetish for redheads steamroll his common sense. 'Curse you, libido!' he lamented to himself.

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In the first systematized review of SSRI withdrawals,   Fava et al.  examined 23 studies and 38 case reports leading them to conclude that the euphemistic term “discontinuation syndrome” must be abandoned in lieu of a more accurate depiction of the habit-forming qualities of antidepressants – withdrawal. Yes, just like Xanax, Valium, alcohol, and heroin.

I’m pro-med, but in this case, it’s wiser to go natural., drink water, blow your nose and cough A LOT. Honey and other natural “remedies” have been proven not to work, so stay away from that aisle. You can buy a “Netti Pot”, but you HAVE to buy sterile water or boil water. You also have to sterilize all parts. You can get parasites or even meningitis if you fail to do this. IMO, I’d chose a simple saline nose spray + a steam humidifier (or run a hot water shower while you sit in the bathroom with doors closed) + Vic’s menthol rub + get a sputum culture ran to see if the cause is bacterial, fungal, viral, or something else. I’d stay away from OTC meds until it’s cleared by an MD.

It’s precisely because doctors have been listening to even the most extreme of the self-centered nutcases that we’re having so many problems with treatment protocols. Listening to the patient doesn’t mean that the doctor should automatically accept the patient’s diagnosis — as if every patient is free from vested self-interest.

42. I have a hunger for knowledge (justification for hoarding books, newspapers and magazines and effectively a variant on the intellectual excuse)

Madness Lets Hear It For The Man If I Could Be ThereMadness Lets Hear It For The Man If I Could Be ThereMadness Lets Hear It For The Man If I Could Be ThereMadness Lets Hear It For The Man If I Could Be There