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- Blake, William (author) - The Book of Urizen - ca. 1818 - London - Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Coll. Div.

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" I've been a-waiting for you, player . Word is that you've been catching bugs... Those tiny little monsters... You likely had no idea at the time, but when you caught every last kind of insect we know of in these parts... You became the most famous bug-catching-person in the history of <Town>! Hurrah for you, sprout! To commemorate such a wild and woolly occasion, I'd like you to have this fine Golden Net . I suppose now that you're a big, famous bug-catcher you may not need it.....But this is the kind of net that really makes a difference when you're having trouble catching butterflies. Yepper! Treat 'er with care, sprout! You won't be getting one anywhere else, and there's no replacing it, you know... Yepper, chasing bugs is good, but I'm partial to chasing Zs. Oooh... Looks like a tough crowd out there today... "

Perhaps when we see the bug banquet for the members of the UN we may think differently. But I cannot see it catching on the thought of eating something that wriggles instead of walking does not make me hunger for this new idea. Hope you don't mind but I will pass.

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Welcome to The Tosaf Group
Tosaf Group is a global leader in developing and manufacturing high quality Additives, Compounds and Color Masterbatches for the plastics industry. All products are of the highest quality and standards, and are developed with the customer in mind, guaranteeing flexibility, versatility and efficiency at all times.
The company's annual sales turnover is approximately €350M and its annual production capacity is over 120K tons.

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The installation, consisting of the boiler and all accessories including temperature control, together define the seasonal heating energy efficiency s for the various models, as listed in the below table. THISION L 65 L Class VI, with use of components: - THISION L - Ambient temperature sensor QAA 75 92 + 4 92 + 4 92 + 4...

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