Eric b rakim i know you got soul - Eric B. & Rakim Lyrics - I Know You Got Soul

Nas' One Mic taught us, along with a few more things that you only need one of something, one quality piece of everything. Less is more. Quality over quantity. Nas had a strong desire for a simple life in this track, yet there are always obstacles that prevent him from achieving his desire for simplicity.

The Coldcut remix has also been acclaimed, with its utilization of samples – particularly that of "Im Nin'alu" – being complimented. Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian named it a "benchmark remix" and placed it in his top ten list of remixes. [13] Chuck Eddy of Spin called the remix Coldcut's "greatest moment". [15]

Laid-back, diamond-sharp: Old-school titan Rakim may still lead the race for Best Rapper Ever, and this album is a big reason why. Paid in Full was one of the first hip-hop records to fully embrace Seventies funk samples on stone classics such as "I Know You Got Soul" and the title track.

“I [Know You] Got Soul,” and James Brown is still one of my favorite artists of all times, man. You know, being able to take that record and flip it. Use the main phrase from the song and just kinda add on to it and bring a little more meaning to it, and hopefully the listener can use it as gas and inspire them.

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Ego Trip was a hip hop magazine started in New York City in 1994. It lasted four years and 13 issues and distinguished itself based on its irreverence and defiant attitude, eventually adopting the tagline, “the arrogant voice of musical truth”…

At his Harlem brownstone a few days before the Gucci controversy, Day described how his ideas on fashion, business and life in general came to be.

Eric B Rakim I Know You Got SoulEric B Rakim I Know You Got SoulEric B Rakim I Know You Got SoulEric B Rakim I Know You Got Soul