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France eventually issued an ultimatum demanding that the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria under Leopold II who also was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire renounce any hostile alliances and withdraw its troops from the French border. [4] The reply was evasive and the Assembly voted for war on 20 April 1792 against Francis II (who succeeded Leopold II), after a long list of grievances presented by foreign minister Charles François Dumouriez . Dumouriez prepared an immediate invasion of the Austrian Netherlands , where he expected the local population to rise against Austrian rule, as they had earlier in 1790 . However, the revolution had thoroughly disorganized the army, and the forces raised were insufficient for the invasion. Following the declaration of war, French soldiers deserted en masse and, in one case, murdered their general, Théobald Dillon . [5]

The defeat of the Royalist rebellions ended the threat to the Convention and earned Bonaparte sudden fame, wealth, and the patronage of the new Directory. In March 9 , 1796 , Napoleon married Josephine de Beauharnais, a widow older than he was and a very unlikely wife to the future ruler.

Robert the Magnificent ( French : le Magnifique) († 1035), was the sixth Duke of Normandy from 1027 until he died returning from a pilgrimage. Robert 's reign was a ...

Evan Mawarire, a Zimbabwean pastor and nationally prominent activist who has been imprisoned multiple times, also voiced concerns for his country in a tweet.

According to the historian William of Malmesbury, decades later, Robert's son William sent a mission to Constantinople and Nicaea to return his father's body to Normandy for burial . [20] Permission was granted, but, having travelled as far as Apulia (Italy) on the return journey, the envoys learned that William himself had died. [20] They then decided to reinter Robert's body in Italy. [20]

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Robert French Peace OfficerRobert French Peace OfficerRobert French Peace OfficerRobert French Peace Officer