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Squad: David Mead (Captain), Brisbane Broncos), Ase Boas (Vice-Captain) (PNG Hunters), Enoch Maki (PNG Hunters), Garry Lo (Sheffield Eagles), James Segeyaro (Cronulla Sharks), Justin Olam (Melbourne Storm/Sunshine Coast Falcons), Kato Ottio (Canberra Raiders), Kurt Baptiste (Canberra Raiders), Lachlan Lam (Sydney Roosters), Luke Page (Burleigh Bears), Moses Meninga (PNG Hunters), Nene MacDonald (St. George Illawarra Dragons), Nixon Put (PNG Hunters), Paul Aiton (Catalan Dragons), Rhyse Martin (Canterbury Bulldogs), Rod Griffin (Canterbury Bulldogs), Stanton Albert (PNG Hunters), Stargroth Amean (PNG Hunters), Thompson Teteh (Redcliffe Dolphins), Wartovo Puara Jnr (PNG Hunters), Wellington Albert (PNG Hunters), Watson Boas (PNG Hunters), Willie Minoga (PNG Hunters).

Comment: Nautilus Recordings NR4 in 1979. Limited Edition. Vinyl itself is excellent condition with no scratches and minor bend. Come with original jacket and sleeve.

Impulse was ABC's jazz label. Mono albums used the "A" prefix, and stereo albums used the "AS" prefix. Several of the later issues were also available in quadraphonic. These are indicated by the prefix "AQ".

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In season three, Oliver has become a public hero to the citizens of Starling City and has taken Roy on as a full sidekick. He lives in his foundry safe-house, having lost his mansion. Oliver is faced with the moral question of whether he can be Oliver Queen and live his life while the city needs the Arrow. This is further challenged when he realizes he is in love with Felicity. She has caught the attention of Ray Palmer, the new head of Queen Consolidated. After Thea returns to Starling City, they decide to reopen their nightclub together. Oliver is also inadvertently embroiled in a conflict with Raʾs al Ghul due to Malcolm's manipulations. During a fight with Raʾs, he suffers a mortal wound and nearly dies, but is saved by Maseo and Tatsu Yamashiro. Raʾs demands that Oliver become his heir because he is the only man to survive a death match against him, fulfilling a prophecy of the League of Assassins. When Oliver rejects the offer, Raʾs tries to force him by killing people while posing as the Arrow. When Raʾs nearly kills Thea, Oliver chooses to join the League, abandoning his former identity to become Al Sah-him ( Arabic : سهم ‎; "Arrow"); he pretends to be a darker and crueler version of himself in order to get closer to Raʾs and destroy the League from within. Raʾs has Oliver marry his daughter, Nyssa al Ghul, to keep his bloodline in charge of the League. Oliver later kills Raʾs and inherits the mantle but immediately passes it to Malcolm. He decides to retire from being the Arrow and live with Felicity, knowing that Laurel, Diggle, Ray, and Thea will protect the city in his absence. The season flashbacks explore Oliver's time in Hong Kong where, after witnessing his combat capabilities on the island, Amanda Waller forces him to become an . agent using the Yamashiros as his handlers. It is revealed that Oliver returned to Starling City while on a mission where he discovered Thea's drug problems, witnessed the start of the relationship between Laurel and Tommy, and saw Felicity two years before they eventually met.

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John Klemmer Straight From The HeartJohn Klemmer Straight From The HeartJohn Klemmer Straight From The HeartJohn Klemmer Straight From The Heart