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A young American studying in Paris in 1968 strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the '68 Paris student riots.

He continues, "I definitely known that to be true in my own life. I haven’t walked through the day when I haven’t known the grace of God. There’s times of battle, there’s times of hardship, there’s times of intense celebration, and there’s moments of joy. The grace is always there. So the song is trying to recognize that, and also celebrate that."

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Mankey considered Love You to be "lighthearted" on the surface, but a "serious, autobiographical" work that could be compared somewhat to Eraserhead . [11] Writer Chris Shields observed: "If it wasn't for the synthesizer-heavy production, it's almost punk . Simple messages, conveyed in a straight-forward fashion. Even the beautiful moments are grounded in basic living... The vocals are gruff. Synthesizers are everywhere. The lyrics can be immature or come from a youthful perspective." [29] Beach Boys engineer Alan Boyd said of Wilson's methods: "[In] a lot of the material from Love You , Brian was working very quickly on his own... Brian did this very interesting thing and it goes back to his early days too, for rhythm he’d often use guitars and piano to fulfill the same rhythm function as a high-hat. He’d always have these eighth notes but there’d be these chord clusters. I think he liked the tack piano because it had that sort of percussive click on it and it sort of fulfills the same function as a high-hat except with all these notes so it makes everything sort of swirl." [30]

Love and faith are two of the world's most powerful forces and they intersect beautifully in the music of Country Faith Love Songs . This inspiring collection features ...

Still, ever since LL Cool J hit pop radio with "I Need Love," 24 years ago, a steady stream of rappers have tried their hand at the elusive "love song." And from thug-love anthems to sensitive bohemian odes, a handful have actually done it well. In honor of Valentine's Day , Complex compiled this countdown of our favorite love-themed raps. Light up the incense, cuddle up to shorty wop and press play on the 25 Best Hip-Hop Love Songs .

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