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Leaf Lard – Leaf lard is the fat from around the pig’s kidneys. This is the cleanest fat on the animal and is therefore the crème de la crème of pork fat. This is the fat that you want to make sure to render appropriately in order to have a pure white, odorless lard to use for your pastries. Leaf lard is used to make perfectly flaky pie crusts and traditional Spanish polvorones .

Sofie Marie ’s handyman Pete is over fixing the garage-door opener for her and her husband, and she discovers that he recognizes her from somewhere, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Later on, after his work is complete, a light bulb goes off in Pete’s head and he remembers where he saw Sofie not too long ago: the swingers’ club! Although a bit embarrassed, Sofie confesses and admits that she and her husband, yes, are swingers, and that Pete most likely did see her at the swingers’ club. her admission opens up a whole new plane of conversation and exploration for her and Pete. And because Mr. Marie isn’t home, Sofie takes the opportunity to explore what Pete’s got packing in his pants! She starts the handyman off with a handy, then proceeds to blow him and have him park his car in her garage!

This is the reason so many people stay in the cycle because every instinct says ‘go home, it’s easier there’ or ‘try and fix this, this is not right’. I think everyone who has recovered or really moved forward will all say they had to go against their instinct many times.. That is because we are built to make a decision when anxious, anxious feelings mean flee or find the danger. Well there is no danger and there is no need to flee, it’s a false signal that we should simply move on from.

Ross was cast as the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday (1915–1959) in the Motown film production Lady Sings the Blues. Her critically acclaimed performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for best actress. In 1973 she returned to her customary position atop the national record charts with "Touch Me in the Morning." Her next film was Mahogany (1975), from which her "Theme from Mahogany" (1976) was nominated for the Academy Awards' best song in a motion picture and topped the record charts again. After her third daughter was born in 1975 she and Silberstein were divorced.

Diana Ross Upside Down Im Coming OutDiana Ross Upside Down Im Coming OutDiana Ross Upside Down Im Coming OutDiana Ross Upside Down Im Coming Out