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Handel’s personal pitch fork was found 30 years earlier in England and was tuned to A= - pretty close to Mozart! and pretty far from 432 Hz.

A: Those claims were made by self-described “satirical” websites. The Alabama Secretary of State says there’s no evidence that fraudulent voting affected the outcome. 

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The 2005 "WHO Air quality guidelines" offer global guidance on thresholds and limits for key air pollutants that pose health risks. The Guidelines indicate that by reducing particulate matter (PM 10 ) pollution from 70 to 20 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m), we can cut air pollution-related deaths by around 15%.

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The Ticker began quietly in October 2006, fueled by a realization that a blog could capture and influence the political conversation. It hit 1 million page views during CNN’s 2006 election coverage a month later, and in its heyday became one of the most trafficked forums in political media.

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