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Many of the stencils were specifically created to mix and match with each other, so you can achieve many more designs with your investment. But don’t hesitate to mix up any of the designs, as they all work incredibly well with each other!

 · As I am still wishing to broaden my playing horizons, I would like some advice on where to start with playing Rockabilly guitar ... Where did y'all...

Harry became steadily more and more nervous as he walked toward his goal and only hoped Agamotto was feeling helpful right now. He entered the living room and saw the case that was his goal. Harry gulped before walking towards it and opening the case, revealing its contents.

Today we'll board a ferry and hop on a local bus for an entertaining ride across the island of Mull to our destination: the windswept Isle of Iona, the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland. We'll tour the 800-year-old abbey, where monks created the remarkable Book of Kells, one of the sparks of creativity that pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages. We'll then set you free to explore or find a spot to meditate on this tiny, spiritually charged island. We'll return to Oban, and our own century, in time for dinner. Boat: 2 hrs. Bus: 2 hrs. Walking: light.

You will notice Gabby's (R) intense interest in Roxy's report of all the goings on in Athens GA since she and my sister, Mary, visited a couple of weeks ago. Mary is President of the home owners association (townhouses) and there is always juicy dog gossip to impart. In turn Sassy is bringing Roxy up to date on the stuff happening here on Lake Oconee. I heard her telling Roxy about the humongous catfish I have caught from our dock. They are good buddies and much playing goes on after the "catch up" time. (Roxy is age 2, and Gabby only 9 wks here)

Perfectly soft, caramelized sweet potatoes in under 40 minutes. Prep these sweet potatoes in advance for a quick and easy real food option throughout the week. 

I listen to them whenever I am sad and and they always make my day. Surprisingly they are from China or Japan. What an incredible children with angelic voice.

Thursday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Roy Moore campaign spokeswoman Janet Porter said if Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R-AL) certifies Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the Alabama . special election, it will impact the political futures of

Wanda Wow Wow WeeWanda Wow Wow WeeWanda Wow Wow WeeWanda Wow Wow Wee