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One singular moment of complete abandon, captured for eternity by the camera's lens. Free of complexity, she is lost in a dream of self-indulgence. This is the hallmark of SoloErotica. The most delicious females plucked from the adult entertainment field, performing only for their own enjoyment. Some demure and soft, some reaching the heights of pleasure with extraordinary gushes of orgasmic thunder. No matter which experience you observe, each and every one is memorable in its own right. Welcome to the experience of SoloErotica

Jean de Léry reports that he and his companions tried to prepare "clean" cauim by grinding and cooking manioc or maize, without the chewing step; but (predictably) it did not work. Eventually they got used to the natives' drink. "To those readers who are put off by the idea of drinking what someone else has chewed," adds the traveler, "let me remind them of how our wine is made ... by the peasants who trample on the grapes with their feet, sometimes with shoes and all; things that are perhaps even less agreeable than the chewing of American women. Just as one says that wine, by fermenting, rids itself of all impurity; so we may assume that cauim purges itself too."

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Fems Go To A PartyFems Go To A PartyFems Go To A PartyFems Go To A Party