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Pastel Accounting is one of the most widely trained courses. Our Pastel courses is also particularly suited to current or aspirant bookkeepers who wish to take their skills to the next level, incorporating the support of Pastel Accounting. General finance department personnel who wish to move up the ranks within the finance department would also find this course particularly useful.

Learn how to draw with my Drawing Masterclass - Animals book . It shows you how I draw various animals by pencil including dogs, cats horses and wildlife.

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Metallic and Pearl Colors, Set of 17 — A great add-on for the 80-color PanPastel set — or a set for those who enjoy the "funkier" colors and mediums, this 17-item set includes all of the pearls, metallics, and mediums PanPastel offers. Also included are five Sofft knife covers and a palette tray with lid that holds 20 pans of color.

Do I bring it into my appointment and have him apply the box color? No, not that. My stylist is cool and down to experiment but I think bringing box color into a salon would be really pressing my luck. My salon is on the fourth floor of a building and were I to be thrown out a window, I probably wouldn’t live.

1660s, "crayons, chalk-like pigment used in crayons," from French pastel "crayon," from Italian pastello "a pastel," literally "material reduced to a paste," from Late Latin pastellus "dye from the leaves of the woad plant," diminutive of pasta (see pasta ). Meaning "pale or light color" (like that of pastels) first recorded 1899. As an adjective from 1884.

This course is in response to the many requests by people who have been on many of my courses, and want to keep learning how to develop their work and their own style, but looking at subject matter of their own choice.  Let me know a few days before what you will be concentrating on and I will plan accordingly. It could also be a good chance to experiment with pastel primers or mixed media. I will demonstrate and show examples where appropriate.

The Pastel Six The Cinnamon Cinder BandidoThe Pastel Six The Cinnamon Cinder BandidoThe Pastel Six The Cinnamon Cinder BandidoThe Pastel Six The Cinnamon Cinder Bandido