Various dann bist du da - BABALAWO OBANIFA: Ifa Prayers: Ifa Prayers To Invoke Ifa.

A. Soft-SM / Medium-SM / Wild-SM (All SAFE!), also with Japanese Bondage (with 100% pure cotton black ropes, first quality 10 mm.) and Escapology;

B. Hypnose/trance: We can bring you in trance/extase in your most beautiful horny dreams! All save.

C. Special BDSM-Bunker SUPRISE-BDSM-session with a lot of leather, rubber, cotton, metal, army and other special toys from all over the world;

D. Horizontal and vertical bondage (also in the air);

E. BDSM-Bunker kidnapping scenarios with lots of special equipment and materials for very realistic and exciting sessions;

F. Original Tomahawk-Indians slave dead-dancing;

G. The Andreas-Cross (best quality tropical wood);

H. Mummifications (all kind of fixation-possibilities);

I. Your first full leather straitjacket-experiences;

J. Guantánamo Bay prisoner for some hours (or longer);

K. Mexican horsetraining;

L. Japanese- and Turkish bondage (also possible with 100% pure cotton ropes, black, 10mm);

M. Electric slave-torture (all SAFE);

N. Erotic fighting/wrestling and special relaxing erotic massage;

O. Boa Constrictor-bondage;


Q. Special drill-sessions for more experienced slaves;

R. BDSM-torture-bed (also Bed & Breakfast is possible :) ) :-)

S. The original US-Army bodybag;

I have several tense scenarios. Also possibilities for other masters and slaves who likes a more higher level. You can discover a lot of new and very special things in this BDSM-Bunker. :-)

All is safe, clean and without any risk.

Let you suprise!

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Have you gotten used to the American way of a) greeting everyone as if you know them very well (I know this drives the Germans crazy) and b) small talk? My number one complaint I hear from Germans about cultures that love chatting and greeting ‘hello! how are you!’ is that they are ‘fake’ … which always makes me smile.

The Westerwald and its outer edges are crossed by stretches of Bundesstraßen 8, 42, 49, 54, 62, 255, 256, 277, 413 and 414, over which there are connections to the Autobahnen A 3 ( Cologne – Frankfurt ), A 45 ( Dortmund – Aschaffenburg ) and A 48 .

Roxy Lane And Leena Rey - Sa Premiere Chatte
Rien n'est plus beau et tendre que deux femmes en lingerie qui font l'amour ensemble pour la premiere fois! La sensuelle Leena Rey offre ses charmes et ses courbes a son amie d'experience Roxy Lane, qui prendra un grand plaisir a lui lecher la chatte.

Various Dann Bist Du DaVarious Dann Bist Du DaVarious Dann Bist Du DaVarious Dann Bist Du Da