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Now I’d like to get into the real nitty gritty on the conspiracy theories surrounding the film. Jay Weidner is most famous for making the hypothesis that the film is about Kubrick’s expose of how he actually helped film the ‘fake’ moon landings of Apollo 11. Kubrick was filming 2001: A Space Odyssey concurrently at the same time he was filming the fake moon landings. There is a ton of information out there about this, but to keep things brief, that’s the basic tenet to the theory. Here is an image where you can see what appears to be a shuttle or rocket on the refrigerator. I believe I’m the first one to spot this, I haven’t heard or seen this elsewhere.

Panama is experiencing a degree of violence in the streets. There are indications that a weak and corrupt government such as the present government of Panama could lead us to a similar situation . the insurgence of guerrilla warfare seen in many countries of the region. It would be a mistake to use government repression or any form of selective governmental crimes (three labor workers were presumably killed recently by members of the government). These actions could only make matters worse. The answer lies in a government capable of managing a country beset by corruption and robbery. What many of us claim is social justice (I believe is the same struggle of the American People right now).

"There, Starscream! There is the Cybertronian, as promised!"
"You know what, Vekktral? I could actually tell which one wasn't six feet tall and made of flesh. "

Today the shipping of all FIENDE vinyls begins! And as the release of our tenth album draws near LEGIONS are issuing a special shirt design by Ogino Design influenced by the latest track premiere "Gyllene Portarnas Bro".

pc ps3 xbox360 If loading a saved game from the main menu in which you have A Light Shining in Darkness equipped and drawn, the reload animation takes twice as long as normal. This can be solved by simply switching to another gun and then back again. [verified]

Various The Shining Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious The Shining Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious The Shining Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious The Shining Original Motion Picture Soundtrack