Oh romeo only a memory - No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 2, Page 4

This must be why everyone keeps saying not to stare directly into the sun . We’re supposed to look at the brands instead.

* Some used vehicles may be subject to unrepaired recalls for safety issues. You may check for open safety recalls by entering the VIN at https:///vin

The carbon inlays caused a few arguments as to their carbon-fibrey-ness, but overall it's well executed, looks great and feels good. Space is good for all four occupants (we'll get to that), nothing feels dodgy or flimsy - think somewhere between the beautifully wrought Mazda CX-9 interior and an Audi A4 . Somewhere in there. The only let down is the shifter, which feels a bit cheap.

The crossover is even comfortable for daily driving, “Left in ‘N’ mode, the Stelvio is more than happy to loaf gently through town. You have to try to make it spill your coffee. It’s as easy to drive in traffic or on a long highway commute as any luxury SUV.” The Stelvio also performed well off-road but we were not able to completely turn off traction control, slowing the Alfa down. During testing we experienced three electrical issues, worrying for a brand known for electrical problems. Also, the engine stop/start function is slow to restart the engine, the brakes have no feedback due to the brake-by-wire system, and the infotainment system got mixed reviews. “In that way, the Stelvio is everything we’ve come to expect from an Italian car. It’s shamelessly good-looking and drives with a passion normally reserved for expensive sports cars, but it’s got quirks you’re going to have to be willing to put up with.”

The goal of this party quest is to rescue Romeo or Juliet. Therefore there are 2 versions of this quest where Juliet version is located in “Magatia: Alcadno Society” lab and Romeo version is located in “Magatia: Zenumist Society” lab. If you go for Juliet version, your objective will be to protect Romeo from Frankenoid (the boss) and vice versa. After defeating the boss in either version, the couple reappears united in the boss room. To start this party quest, assemble your party members and head to either Zenumist or Alcadno Society in Magatia. Enter a hidden door and have the party leader talk to either Juliet or Romeo respectively.

Oh Romeo Only A MemoryOh Romeo Only A MemoryOh Romeo Only A MemoryOh Romeo Only A Memory