Don cherry the jazz composers orchestra relativity suite - The History of Jazz Music. Don Cherry: biography.

 Chet Baker: Angel Eyes   Label: Celson LPQ 25005   12" LP 1959

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it’s hard to believe that these records can be spoken of in a retrospective context – it seems like just yesterday they were released!! I’m a youngster I suppose, and the 90’s were my decade of anxiously awaiting every new release, as opposed to systematically exploring the vast archives of decades past (which I also did). So I was quite impressionable, but here are a few off the top of my head that have made the most lasting impression on me, in no particular order:

, earlier in surname Chyrimuth (1266, literally "Cherry-mouth"); from Anglo-French cherise , from Old North French cherise (Old French, Modern French cerise , 12c.), from Vulgar Latin *ceresia , from late Greek kerasian "cherry," from Greek kerasos "cherry tree," possibly from a language of Asia Minor. Mistaken in Middle English for a plural and stripped of its -s (cf. pea ).

Old English had ciris "cherry" from a West Germanic borrowing of the Vulgar Latin word (cf. German Kirsch ), but it died out after the Norman invasion and was replaced by the French word. Meaning "maidenhead, virginity" is from 1889, . slang, from supposed resemblance to the hymen, but perhaps also from the long-time use of cherries as a symbol of the fleeting quality of life's pleasures.

 The European All Stars 1961   Label: Telefunken BLE 14206-P   12" LP 1961

Since at least the emergence of bebop , forms of jazz that are commercially oriented or influenced by popular music have been criticized by purists. According to Bruce Johnson, there has always been a "tension between jazz as a commercial music and an art form". [14] Traditional jazz enthusiasts have dismissed bebop, free jazz, the 1970s jazz fusion era and much else as periods of debasement of the music and betrayals of the tradition. An alternative viewpoint is that jazz is able to absorb and transform influences from diverse musical styles, [20] and that, by avoiding the creation of 'norms', other newer, avant-garde forms of jazz will be free to emerge. [14]

Don Cherry The Jazz Composers Orchestra Relativity SuiteDon Cherry The Jazz Composers Orchestra Relativity SuiteDon Cherry The Jazz Composers Orchestra Relativity SuiteDon Cherry The Jazz Composers Orchestra Relativity Suite