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When the group arrives back at the Fairy Tail guild, Macao and Romeo are arguing about the participation of the Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games , a competition created in the last seven years where the winner is considered the strongest guild in Fiore, also getting a 30,000,000 prize. This motivates the missing Fairy Tail members, the group excitedly deciding to enter the competition and regain their former glory. Natsu asks Romeo when it is occurring, the latter replying that it will be held in three months. Despite the older members completely disapproving due to their failure in the Games in the past, Makarov confirms that they will enter and once again be Fiore's number one guild. [8]

Congratulations to Monica McKenna of North Brexton, Maine, on her purchase of this outstanding young gelding. He will be her endurance horse of the future and we applaud her foresight in picking Eternity now.

Another version of the wand appears in Season 7. Lady Tremaine captures Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and uses her wand to turn her to ashes. She then used the wand to give Captain Hook from the Wish Realm the younger appearance of the real Hook.

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Other proofs of magical neutrality are the Olympian Gods , who (usually) use them to help mortals and keep the balance of the world. However, Hades uses his powers in a selfish attempt to overthrow Zeus (and the rest of the Olympian Gods ) and abuses his godly abilities and mistreats the souls of those who live in the Underworld .

Magic Power Lady MidnightMagic Power Lady MidnightMagic Power Lady MidnightMagic Power Lady Midnight