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Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light by The Body & Full of Hell, released 17 November 2017 1. Light Penetrates 2. Earth is a Cage …

So Summer is here and gone in a flash and then September rolls in and we are chosen as one of the headliners for The Sag Harbor American Music Festival. First and foremost let me tell you that I am so glad she didn’t paint this photo with to much detail cause it was 8 in the morning after a late night gig. Do you know what it takes to get an Accordion player ANYWHERE at 8 am? The answer is a bag of donuts. And maybe some fine red wine… so yes,  it is a minor miracle this painting even exists. As for the festival on a whole,  I can’t say enough. It was everything it should be down to the custom ordered donated pre-show Bay Burgers (Thank you John Landes!) and a lot of love, music, laughter and RESPECT.  Singing three part harmony in the back room with Annie and Inda. Enjoying the wickedly solid opening set by Hopefully Forgiven.  This festival pays and really takes care of the local musician.  Our Saturday night show at Old Whalers Church was as good as it get’s for me because the night before I was able to see one of my musical crushes, New Orleans great,  Jon Cleary , SLAY with his three piece band. If you are ever in NOLA you should see if he is playing at DBA’s or The Maple Leaf. He as good live as anyone I’ve ever seen. One of the greats for sure. I was watching him in awe and literally thinking, ‘I can’t believe we get to play the same stage as Jon tomorrow. How the hell did that happen?’ and then i thought, ‘I better rework my set list cause this fucker just decimated this crowd and I have to follow his ass tomorrow night. Zoinks. Doh. Piss. Tit. Wank!’ 

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Daniel Hecht played acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar and published three records: "Guitar" (1973), "Fireheart-Fireriver" (1977) and "Willow" (1980), which were released on Windham Hill.

Prior to taking up writing, he was a professional guitarist, performing classical guitar and American steel-string guitar solo concerts throughout the world, including two concerts at Carnegie Recital Hall.  He recorded three albums of original compositions, including Willow on Windham Hill Records and many record companies abroad.

Daniel Hecht GuitarDaniel Hecht GuitarDaniel Hecht GuitarDaniel Hecht Guitar