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The name survives into the High Middle Ages ( Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine ; Charles, Count of Valois ; Charles I, Count of Flanders (Charles the Good, beatified in 1882); Charles I of Naples ; Charles I of Hungary ). Karl Sverkersson was a king of Sweden in the 12th century, counted as "Charles VII" due to a genealogical fiction of the 17th century by Charles "IX" , but actually the first king of Sweden with this name.

Young Reedus hasn’t been in the spotlight for too long and search phrases like “Mingus Lucien Reedus Boyfriend” have already begun gaining traction online, showing how much interest the media has in his personal life. But why boyfriend though? Maybe fans speculate he might be gay? This is exactly the kind of attention Mingus is running away from.

Hearing jazz in the club environment for the first time is an experience few ever forget. Indeed, hearing the music live for the first time versus listening to recordings is such a different experience that some who have not been able to connect with jazz on record or radio have often become converts on hearing it live. The Jazz Standard Discovery Program (JSDP) was created with the intention of bringing school kids from all backgrounds, public and private schools into the club for their live jazz experience. These workshops were designed to be fun, educative, entertaining and always interactive. For some eight years now the JSDP has been bringing in school children of a wide age range to Jazz Standard as well doing some outreach to schools and other centers such as Visions, a midtown residence for the visually impaired, all free of charge.

Time Out was the first jazz album to sell more than a million copies. The single, "Take Five", also sold more than a million. [16]

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Mingus’ masterwork, “Epitaph,” a composition which is more than 4000 measures long and which requires two hours to perform, was discovered during the cataloguing process. With the help of a grant from the Ford Foundation, the score and instrumental parts were copied, and the piece itself was premiered by a 30-piece orchestra, conducted by Gunther Schuller, in a concert produced by Sue Mingus at Alice Tully Hall on June 3, 1989, ten years after Mingus’ death.

Charles Mingus Mingus RevisitedCharles Mingus Mingus RevisitedCharles Mingus Mingus RevisitedCharles Mingus Mingus Revisited