Call scene beyond dreams - Timothée Chalamet on Call Me By Your Name, vulnerability.

War, famine and slavery shattered the ancient bonds between people and place. Forced dislocations marked and altered the histories of the native peoples. As we came into history we learned to guard what we valued, to accommodate ourselves to others, to learn new ways of being ourselves, to embrace new kinds of courage. Cast out and momentarily orphaned, we learned to belong to the world.

You’ve been asked about the peach scene a lot, I’m sure. But I think we have to talk about it. How did Luca direct you through that scene?

Dodd said molestation has happened in the past, even on set. She used the example of a brothel scene in which there were too many actors and extras to keep track of, claiming “incidents have and can happen with performers being molested or sexually abused.”

STAGE I Call to adventure --some new threat or challenge appears in the protagonist's community.
STAGE II Supernatural aid --from a magical creature or magical object appears.
STAGE III Confrontation --The hero confronts the threshhold of danger, often a guardian or villain, that thrwarts him.
STAGE IV Education --Aid comes from a helper and/or mentor figures to show him how to bypass challenges and temptations.
STAGE V Revelation --The hero experiences revelation--often in the form of an abyss or a symbolic death and rebirth.
STAGE VI Resurrection --The hero is transformed, resurrected, or somehow makes atonment, often receiving a concrete or abstract gift from a divine source like a god or goddess-figure
STAGE VII Return --The hero returns home. Once there, he re-establishes order or peace, often becoming a new ruler.

Call Scene Beyond DreamsCall Scene Beyond DreamsCall Scene Beyond DreamsCall Scene Beyond Dreams