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Orchidée is developed as a tool to aid in orchestral composition in which musical scores using traditional instruments are generated by imitating a target input sound. It is used in Jonathan Harvey 's 2008 piece, "Speakings", a composition based on emulating speech patterns and inflections. Orchidée is capable of computing the complex combinatorial possibilities of an orchestra based on musical attributes such as dynamics and instruments, perceptual attributes such as brightness, and timbre models . [13]

We dearly hope to see you all soon again and please do never hesitate to contact us if you are in any need of music, organ, ensemble, ball or anything else.
Best wishes for you and your dears and merry Christmas, also in the name of Christoph.
Yours Peter Frisée

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Rules of analysis derived from twelve-tone theory do not apply to serialism of the second type: "in particular the ideas, one, that the series is an intervallic sequence, and two, that the rules are consistent" ( Maconie 2005 , 119). Stockhausen, for example, in early serial compositions such as Kreuzspiel and Formel , "advances in unit sections within which a preordained set of pitches is repeatedly reconfigured ... The composer's model for the distributive serial process corresponds to a development of the Zwölftonspiel of Josef Matthias Hauer" ( Maconie 2005 , 56), and Goeyvaerts, in such a work as Nummer 4 ,

Roger Roger Musique IdioteRoger Roger Musique IdioteRoger Roger Musique IdioteRoger Roger Musique Idiote