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The episode was specially written for mother and daughter Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling . [6] It was the first time the two had worked together on screen. [6] Gatiss had worked on a play with Stirling, who mentioned that she and Rigg had never appeared in something together, and Gatiss offered to "tailor" them into his Doctor Who episode, for which he had devised the basic premise. [7] Stirling said that Gatiss had written "an on-screen relationship between Ma and I that is truly delicious. We have never before worked together because the offers have not been tempting, but when such a funny and original script comes through you know the time has come." [8] Gatiss stated that he wanted to write "a properly northern Who" and revealed that Rigg was able to use her native Doncaster accent for the first time. [7] He also included numerous homages to Rigg's work in the British TV show The Avengers : a similar over-the-top melodramatic tone ("The wrong hands!"); an eccentric English woman bent on destroying the entire world; and Jenny fighting the henchmen hand-to-hand in a leather catsuit that was a trademark of Rigg's Emma Peel from almost a half-century ago. [9]

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The Doctor took Strax to Amy and Rory's house for breakfast one morning before one of their pub crawls and Amy suggested Rory go with them as a bonding experience. They went to pubs on Karfel , Metebelis III , Pondula , and Argolis . ( COMIC : Time Gentlemen, Please! )

“In Donna Murphy, the creators have a shimmering star who can play a tender, doting grandma and yet evoke Carole Lombard, that irresistible mix of winks and minx. Leonard Foglia’s hyperactive production is lovely, and the cast couldn’t be bettered.” —Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg

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Artie Butler Have You Met Miss JonesArtie Butler Have You Met Miss JonesArtie Butler Have You Met Miss JonesArtie Butler Have You Met Miss Jones