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As civilisation’s political-economic systems of superiority and domination over nature succeeded to achieve its agenda, it further reinforced the perception of this ‘collective’ of individualized egos that it is right and others are wrong. This same ego perception offered all kinds of so-called ‘new freedoms’, which were in stark contrast with those who saw themselves as embedded within an interconnected and interdependent world. Ego’s polarized and illusory perceptions of freedom were based on control; the means to exert oneself over others — humans over nature, men over women, kings over peasants, peasants over slaves, civilized over primitive, etc. It would take centuries before we started to see the impacts of these belief systems.

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"Hi Angela and the Drumbeats Team, Just wanted to say a big thanks for delivering such an fun and igniting team building session for us at Darling Harbour last Saturday. It was definitely the highlight of our conference and I'll be raving about you to friends in other organisations. Keep up the great soulful work!"

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Matthew Rongstad is the newest member of Deb & the Dynamics. A multi-instrumentalist from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been a member of many exciting groups in his professional music career. Among them are several permutations of Reggae/Funk/Fusion groups, Rock/Blues and Country bands, as well as Folk and Irish music, Indian Classical, Jazz and BigBand. Matt's music career began in High School, but it wasn't until attending college at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire did consistent exposure to the music of the Midwest bring opportunity for consistent professional work.

Soulful Dynamics Soulful DynamicsSoulful Dynamics Soulful DynamicsSoulful Dynamics Soulful DynamicsSoulful Dynamics Soulful Dynamics