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Rollins has toured the world as a spoken word artist, as frontman for both Rollins Band and Black Flag and as a solitary traveler with insatiable curiosity, favouring road-less-traveled locales in places such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Siberia, North Korea, South Sudan and Iran.

In naming all my past Dobermans in my resent comment I just posted added, I failed to mention my 2 current rescues that didn’t get their names mentioned. We received them with their names, and I don’t believe in changing a rescues name unless 1 you don’t know their name, or 2 the name is inappropriate, disrespectful, or not even a name. Our 2 current rescues are:

“Obviously I was hurt and have not gotten over it. I label all IFB churches as wicked as a result of this. I blame others and take no responsibility for my ill feelings that I harbor deep in my heart. I go beyond disliking IFB pastors, churches and members to a near hate. Bitterness reigns in me, and I am consumed with these thoughts nearly 24-7.”

Hi Barbara. There were five girls (sisters)in my family and when we used to go out there was ten of us with our spouses. After Donnie’s death I went out with them and there was only nine and I was the odd one out. I didn’t feel comfortable with all couples even though they were my sisters and brother in laws and I love them dearly. Years later and I still prefer my sisters on their own instead of all couples. I think that is natural, or at least it is for me!!

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Patti Drew Hes The One Which One Should I ChoosePatti Drew Hes The One Which One Should I ChoosePatti Drew Hes The One Which One Should I ChoosePatti Drew Hes The One Which One Should I Choose