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 · After a dive into Saturn, Cassini spacecraft melts into history . By Paul Voosen Sep. 15, 2017 , 8:30 AM. After 13 years revolutionizing our understanding ...

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After five minutes that seemed more like ten, you begin your slow ascent from your maximum depth, then all of a sudden, before you even notice, your Nitrogen buzz is gone. You come up past the sharks again, occasionally a curious one comes within arm’s reach inspecting the visitors in its territory. You again find yourself on the sandy shelf, this time you are treated to tiny bubbles dancing out of tiny holes in the sandy floor, they are the bubbles that you exhaled at your maximum depth seeping through the cracks in cavern roof on their way to the surface. Finally, the shape of your dive boat appears above and your dive leader signals for you to do a safety stop.  In total, you finish a 30 minute dive at the most, but 25 to 27 minutes is the norm, one last potential disappointment to mentally prepare for just in case you are the sort of diver who loves 60 minute dives.

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MV Zenobia Ship was a Swedish roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) ferry that was making its voyage to Syria, when at half a mile away from the Larnaca coast it faced problems with its computers systems. It was on the night of the 2 nd of June in 1980, that the first radio contact was made about reporting that the ship was having problems. Soon after, on the 3 rd of June, the ship started to create a slope towards its port side, without anything that could be done to save it. The crew was safely removed before the tragic happened.

Our dive shop is located in Playa Ocotal which is in the province of Guanacaste in northern Costa Rica . Our dive sites are all found in the Gulf de Papagayo. The waters of the Gulf de Papagayo are some of the richest in terms of marine life that you will ever find on the planet. The area is famous for both its fantastic fishing and scuba diving .

There was a truckload of frozen animals on board when the ship went down so the bones of the animals can be seen on the second car deck. [ citation needed ] There is also a full cargo of eggs that lies on the sea bed 42 meters (138 ft). [1]

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