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In hindsight Kidd was both musically and visually important for the rock music genre. Long before the likes of Paul Revere and the Raiders and Alice Cooper and other such performers dressed up for a performance, Kidd and his contemporary Screaming Lord Sutch were already doing so. Kidd and the Pirates were a transitional band. In a time before bands like The Rolling Stones , The Yardbirds and The Animals , Kidd was recording music that placed increased emphasis on electric blues and R&B. [1] : 59 His records circa 1961–64 included Willie Dixon 's " I Just Want To Make Love To You ", Bo Diddley 's "I Can Tell", Willie Perryman 's "Dr Feel-good" and Richie Barrett 's " Some Other Guy ". These are songs that are not sung in imitation of the original recording artists but instead Kidd puts his own stamp upon the song. These were the types of changes that would become more crucial as British blues gained more ground in the early 1960s. [1] : 57–60 Many rock historians consider Kidd's UK Top 50 disc " A Shot of Rhythm and Blues " c/w " I Can Tell " ( HMV POP 1088, December 1962) to be the sonic bridge between British rock and roll and British beat / British R&B .

CD 2. Rockin’ The House
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'But amazingly they called me and asked me to go to LA for a screen test. Because of my schedule I could only go that weekend, but thankfully that was OK with them and they flew me out on the Friday. It happened so fast that there wasn’t time to set up a proper screen test, so I just repeated my first audition, knowing that the two of them were sitting in an adjoining room watching me on a screen. Then I met them and they offered me the job. What was rather nice was the fact that, having had no luck here, it was America and this epic Hollywood production that finally opened the door to film for me,’ she says in her delightfully understated way.

A Pirates’ revival in 1977 saw Green, Spence and Farley return to action, and they would enjoy sporadic re-formations thereafter. Their swashbuckling spirit served them well right up to the death of Mick Green in 2010. Tributes came from high and low, including this from Paul McCartney: ‘Mick was one of the original rock heroes. He was a classic rock guitarist with a simple but fabulous style and sound.’

Johnny Kidd The Pirates The Johnny Kidd Memorial AlbumJohnny Kidd The Pirates The Johnny Kidd Memorial AlbumJohnny Kidd The Pirates The Johnny Kidd Memorial AlbumJohnny Kidd The Pirates The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album