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The single was rush-released by the band's record label , Columbia Records, when it transpired that Cher was about to issue a rival cover version of the song on the Imperial label (see above). [14] However, the Byrds and their management were largely unconcerned about Cher's imminent release, feeling that there was sufficient room in the charts for both versions. [14] In fact, the Byrds were reluctant to release another Dylan-penned single at all, feeling that it was somewhat formulaic. [16] However, Columbia were insistent, believing that in the wake of the Byrds' debut single, " Mr. Tambourine Man ", another Dylan cover equaled an instant hit. [16] A chart battle ensued, largely instigated by the music press and Columbia (who were determined to bury Cher's release), but ultimately the single stalled at #40 on the . charts, while Cher's cover reached #15. [14] The reverse was true in the UK, however, where the Byrds' version became the fastest selling single in CBS Records ' history, finally reaching #4 while Cher's recording peaked at #9. [26] [17]

Turn Turn Turn chords The Byrds 1965 " Turn!Turn!Turn !" (Ecclesiates / Pete Seeger) / D G F#m\A 2x * D G D G F#m\A 2x / D

The initial idea to cover "All I Really Want to Do" came when Cher heard the Los Angeles folk rock band , The Byrds , perform it during their pre-fame residency at Ciro's nightclub on the Sunset Strip in March 1965. [6] [7] A minor controversy between Cher and The Byrds ensued when it was alleged by Columbia Records (The Byrds' record label) that Cher and Sonny Bono had taped one of The Byrds' appearances at Ciro's without permission, in order to use some of the band's repertoire ("All I Really Want to Do" and "The Bells of Rhymney") on Cher's own album. [6] Although The Byrds planned to issue "All I Really Want to Do" as a single themselves, they were largely unconcerned with the imminent release of Cher's recording, feeling that there was enough room in the charts for both versions. [6] In a retaliatory attempt to bury Cher's version, Columbia rush-released The Byrds' "All I Really Want to Do" single and both versions entered the Billboard Hot 100 during the same week. [6] [8] A chart battle ensued, largely instigated by Columbia Records and the music press , but ultimately The Byrds' version stalled at #40 on the . charts, while Cher's cover reached #15. [6] In the UK, however, both versions reached the top 10, the Byrds' version reaching #4 and Cher's recording peaking at #9. [9]

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Byrds All I Really Want To DoByrds All I Really Want To DoByrds All I Really Want To DoByrds All I Really Want To Do