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We visited you for the gadsby night. I booked this in February 2017 for a group of 10 & also stayed overnight. At dinner we were positioned in the conservatory which was loud from the local speaker, very chilly & we felt isolated from the main room. We could not see the entertainment without standing at the back of the main room. The food was acceptable. Due to the temperature we spent most of the night in the bar. This meant we did not take advantage of the remaining entertainment. At breakfast the next day we arrived approx to be told the main breakfast room was full & we were directed to a room around the corner - down a corridor. This room was not prepared for us. Breakfast was fragmented from then onwards. The room we stayed in, 223, was just acceptable. Disappointed to have no biscuit & if fresh milk is available, have it in the room. The sink hot tap coughed and covered us in hot water every time we used it. Overall a below average experience.

“Jack wanted to stop people making goals while Bob wanted to score them. Their dedication is amazing. I'm incredibly proud of them.”

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Karin Slaughter books are always good reads but somehow this latest novel, COP TOWN, is even better than she usually writes. That is high praise indeed.

"This whole incident has been unprecedented and we recognise the immense inconvenience that so many of our customers have faced during the last two weeks.  We greatly admire everyone's resilience and the neighbourly spirit that has been evident throughout and want to thank them for their patience and tolerance of the situation," added Tony.

Jackie Trent The One Who Really Loves YouJackie Trent The One Who Really Loves YouJackie Trent The One Who Really Loves YouJackie Trent The One Who Really Loves You