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session 602 -- bad taste is tuneless Nov. 9 '17 artist: title notes file size The Belmonts: Come Take A Walk With Me: Sabina, 1963 wr. Barbara Jones & Victor Young

With a six-inch pompadour, brocaded shirts, rhinestone shades, and a rhythmic, belligerent style of piano playing, Esquerita was the original Little Richard , years before Mr. Penniman tutti-frutti'd his way to stardom. Working around the Dallas-New Orleans circuit in the early '50s, Esquerita 's shot at the big time came when Capitol Records decided they needed their own version of Little Richard , after signing their answer to Elvis , Gene Vincent . The resulting recordings, though smartly produced, stand as some of the most untamed and unabashed sides ever issued by a major label. Long revered by rock & roll fans the world over, they make Little Richard 's Specialty sides look highly disciplined by comparison. Though Esquerita continued to record in a tamer style through the '60s, his Capitol sides stand as a monument to the potential of rock & roll's lunatic power and the off-kilter genius of Esquerita .

Esquerita EsqueritaEsquerita EsqueritaEsquerita EsqueritaEsquerita Esquerita