Silent windfall and we have our dreams - Doubling Estate Tax Exemption Would Give Windfall to Heirs.

Economic study charts how women’s increased presence in the workplace has driven men to compensate by doing the dishes

From weed wine to doggy acupuncture and odd fitness equipment, here's a look at some of the weird and whacky trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

I really don’t understand this sector. It seems the measure of success is the amount of money a firm can raise or borrow. Whatever happened to delivering value and outstanding service to customers. Whatever happened to making a real profit. The so called value of these businesses is eye watering, I wish I knew how to do it . .

“From the IRS’s perspective, whenever you get something new you didn’t pay for, it’s accretive—it’s income,” she says. “When the Bitcoin Cash shows up in someone’s account, that’s probably a taxable event. The question is what’s it worth.”

Fred Trump’s signature on the guarantee ensured the new hotel would get built. “No document in the long paper trail attached to the Commodore deal better demonstrated the lack of bank confidence in the Donald or the project, and none made clear the limits of his promoter role,” Barrett wrote. Trump simply did not have the credit or connections to obtain such financing on his own. “It was Fred’s two-decade-old relationship with a top Equitable officer, Ben Holloway, that had helped entice them to do the project.”

It is foolish to think that a population will speak a language, say Aramaic, then suddenly, t abula rasa, switch to another one without bastardization.

Silent Windfall And We Have Our DreamsSilent Windfall And We Have Our DreamsSilent Windfall And We Have Our DreamsSilent Windfall And We Have Our Dreams