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A simple belief drives Mallen: that Edward should still be alive, that his death was preventable – at several stages during the rapid onset of his depression. Moreover, Mallen and a growing number of mental health experts believe that this applies to all deaths by suicide. They argue that with a well-funded, better-coordinated strategy that would reform attitudes and approaches in almost every function of society – from schools and hospitals to police stations and the family home – it might be possible to prevent every suicide, or at least to aspire to.

 · The rendering world is soon to witness the end of an era, as NVIDIA has announced that it's going to cease development of the mainstay renderer, Mental Ray.

3M colormarked the original Post-It color, Canary Yellow, for use in office and stationery products. The sunny hue was chosen because it was the only color of scrap paper on hand when the company started experimenting with the sticky notes.

If you’re experiencing sleep paralysis after you’ve ruled out and/or treated various medical conditions, the next step is to correct your sleep schedule.  Researchers speculate that among the most common causes of sleep paralysis is lack of a regimented sleep schedule.  In other words, people that experience sleep paralysis are commonly going to bed and waking up at different times each day.

Verdict : Being told you have a mental illness should relieve you of blame, but if you suffer with an anxiety problem or depression, or any other less severe “mental illness”, you are under the same umbrella term as those with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia. There needs to be a new term or terms that reflect this. Perhaps some of the emotional and behavioral disorders should simply be removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Some Benefits of Fasting
Antiaging effects
Better attitude
Better resistance to disease
Better sleep
Change of habits
Clearer planning
Clearer skin
Diet changes
Drug detoxification
Improved senses
  (vision, hearing, taste)
More clarity
  (mentally and emotionally)
More energy
More relaxation
New ideas
Reduction of allergies
Rest for digestive organs
Right use of will
Spiritual awareness
Weight loss

from Staying Healthy with Nutrition,
by Elson Haas, . Free up this energy and it can be diverted to healing and recuperation. It can detox and repair cells, tissues and organs, eliminating foreign toxins as well as the natural metabolic wastes (which are also toxins) produced even by our healthy cells.

Maybe Mental To Cease BurningMaybe Mental To Cease BurningMaybe Mental To Cease BurningMaybe Mental To Cease Burning