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1. AFTAC Booster Club is hosting a Golf Tournament on 30 Aug.

2. AFTAC’s Dining out celebrating 70 years of Long Range Detection (LRD) will be a formal event on 22 September @ 1800 @ “Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum” (6600 Tico Rd, Titusville, FL 32780)… yes it’s in a hanger! And yes, former AFTAC Commander, Ret. General Clapper will be our guest of honor/keynote speaker

3. Do you remember the old AFTAC building that was the icon of PAFB since mid-1950s? It stood for nearly 70 years before being demolished in 2015. Lucky for us we kept some momentos. The name of AFTAC can never be demolished, literally. AFTAC Booster Club currently has 28 of the original 35 letters spelling out “Air Force Technical Applications Center”. These metal letters braved many storms and tribulations and are now available to purchase. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to benefit the AFTAC airmen and their families serving today. Visit the AFTAC Alumni Website for more information!” (I didn’t get the photos of the letters yet but I confirmed that we have 28 out of 35 letters)

4. AFTAC’s Toilet Bowl is planned for 1 December 2017. Last year’s losers, the Directorate of Operations (DO) will organize this year’s event.

5. AFTAC’s Winter Social will be held at the Brevard Zoo on 12 January. For more information visit the AFTAC Alumni Homepage! (by moving winter social to January we are opening up space for squadrons/units to hold their own winter parties and events)

Tommy Ridgley My Love Gets StrongerTommy Ridgley My Love Gets StrongerTommy Ridgley My Love Gets StrongerTommy Ridgley My Love Gets Stronger