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Over the next decade and a half, Windu went on many notable missions that included his first visit to his homeworld, Haruun Kal (during which he learned his native Korun language), [1] and one where he tracked down and defeated the killer Uda-Khalid . [15] During his career, Windu trained many to be Jedi, including Echuu Shen-Jon , and fellow Council member Depa Billaba . [3] He also discovered Darrus Jeht as a very young child after an incident involving the boy's parents. Windu ensured he was tested and placed in a training class, and later trained him for a time, although Jeht was never formally his Padawan. [16]


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In Indonesian cuisine , nutmeg is used in various dishes, [7] mainly in many spicy soups, such as some variant of soto , konro , [8] oxtail soup , sup iga (ribs soup), bakso and sup kambing . It is also used in gravy for meat dishes, such as semur beef stew, ribs with tomato, to European derived dishes such as bistik (beef steak), rolade (minced meat roll) and bistik lidah (beef tongue steak).

This is environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of soil going to landfill and reduces vehicle movements to and from the site. This helps comply with the government requirement that builders should dispose of more material on-site. It also has the advantage of saving money for the contractor.

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In the mid 1990’s a police officer was killed because he was led to believe, by those same manufacturers, that pepper spray would work on everyone. A violent criminal who had just walked out of his house after beating his wife confronted the officer who was walking up to the house in order to answer the call he was dispatched.

Mace Process Of EliminationMace Process Of EliminationMace Process Of EliminationMace Process Of Elimination