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Check all the hoses on your boat yearly it could save your life!
 I was on the ocean tuesday and noticed my bulge pump running frequently.  Looked in the bulge area and found a leaking hose with water coming in the boat.  The short version is that I needed to have all my hoses replaced (picture of old hoses)  All of these hoses have outlets under the water line and could have sunk my boat if the pump had failed or couldn't keep up with the sea water. It was expensive since the mechanic had a difficult time to get to the couplings (13 hours of labor)   These hoses were only 10 years old.  Hope this message may save someone' life.  Back on the water Friday and found some Cobia and caught some nice black bass.  Happy Memorial Day to all of you. 

Monday, February 12, 1968. Sergeant Parkinson making a commo check with his team at LZ Betty in front of our rat, snake, centipede, and cockroach infested hooches prior to my second patrol. I'm on right, leaning over from my 90 pound gear. The two men on left, Pong and Puk, are indigenous Montagnards and served as front and rear scouts. In Parkinson's left hand is a sawed-off 40mm M79 grenade launcher and slung over his right shoulder is a XM-177 Colt Commando, commonly called the CAR-15. Our muzzles marked the line in the field where communism stopped and the freedom we loved began.

His grander vision includes opening up wide swaths of the Missouri River shoreline to allow similar non-motorized access to our metro area’s riverfront, including trails that connect the remaining historic sites from the Lewis & Clark Expedition and the old riverboat landings for the wagon roads. This concept would fully realize the idea that Congress established in the 1968 National Trails Act, which called for the building of “retracement” trails in such corridors to forever preserve these corridors.

Report: Burr, winter weather has arrived after a couple week of winds, back to fishing. Got launched about 6:45 am, stopped fishing right at 10:30 am. Dang, the first hour or two were brutal cold today, fingers feeling the cold bite, but once the sun got going, awesome day on the water. Winter bite has arrived, got to work much harder to find fish these days. After trying some locations I thought would hold fish, didn't, began working points and managed a few fish. Hop skip around from point to point seemed to work today. Picked up 8 spots, but nothing of any size, best just shy of 14" Fish were deeper, as winter seems to require, most taken in 30-40 foot mark, with slow bait movement, like lazy day fishing. Just as the sun came up, ran across a location in deep water that showed what looked like a 100 fish suspended gathering of large fish in the 40-65 foot range, like they were sleeping together for the night. the size made me thing they were salmon, never have seen this before on the graph. Tried for a bite or two, but nothing. Anyone seen this before? and what might be the trick for getting a bite? Pictures in fishing forum.

Spring season and the spawn rolls on into April. There have been 3 successful spawns at the hatchery on the lake so far. Even with all of the water and the lake coming up everything seems to be right on time. Water temperatures are approaching 50 degrees and the weather has been pretty normal as of late. Each week seems to have some warm days and some minor weather and a windy day or two. The Truckee River is coming into the lake at an average of around 4000 CFS over the past few weeks and this has helped the lake to come up over three feet this season. It seems to be coming up inches a day right now. Don’t be surprised to see the lake come up another few feet before the season is over.

Hi Scott. I have an aluminium car top with usual leaky rivits. Some of the rivits I have covered with in Jb weld. Can I apply Wetlander over them or do they need to be cleaned to metal. Thanks

Larry Banks Muddy Water Im Not The OneLarry Banks Muddy Water Im Not The OneLarry Banks Muddy Water Im Not The OneLarry Banks Muddy Water Im Not The One