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We added Jasmine Bruce and Renny Akande to our list of favourites for one major reason – dazzling smiles! So many people look glum on the red carpet these days! It is great to see  people smiling and looking fab.

Instead, we need to turn our devices off. When the screens in front of us go blank, we have a better chance to become aware of another screen “behind our eyes,” the screen of the mind. Then, if we sit quietly, watching the breath or reciting the Buddha’s name, that inner screen will empty out until it appears formless and radiant. And once we make contact with this bright, empty mind, our craving for fresh screens comes to a stop. No matter what displays we encounter when we switch our devices on again, all of them will convey the same “one taste.”

The script the actors use. Clear, simple and professionally formatted to help give your actors a true theatre experience. The vocal sheet music is seamlessly integrated into the script to make your rehearsals run without a hitch. (PDF Download)

If you are fond of names like Louise or Lily, then you will adore Lilou, a combination of both. You can even shorten this name to Lee.

These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search). You may also sort these by color rating or essay length . Title Length Color Rating   Small Scale Market Gardening - Small scale market gardening is the way to produce vegetables and some other crops under a design of sustainable and small garden for market value. Select your market: A successful business man has some particular characters which are very important for profit. One should be very much market oriented. The grower should take care of the likes and dislikes of the customers with all the product and selling lack. The problem of gulf is caused due to lack of planning which was a failure in horticulture and agriculture of Australia....   [tags: Gardening] 514 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Rock Gardening Ideas - Introduction: There are plenty of rock gardening ideas whether you want to create a traditional oriental rock garden or just imitate some principles of the oriental rock gardens. Let us here see about the general rock gardening ideas of natural rock gardens and oriental rock gardening ideas. Natural rock gardening ideas: The natural rock gardening ideas are given by the nature. The rocky yards are covered with greenery in order to beautify the area. In the rock gardens the stones, stumps, logs are not removed like the other garden types but are the vital elements of these gardens....   [tags: Gardening] 525 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Herb Container Gardening - Herb Container gardening is the good way to have control on your herbs growing next to your doorstep. You can move the container gardens when ever is required. If the herb plant requires sun light it can be shifted to warmer place and back into the shady area after getting too hot. Herb container gardens are used to beautify the surrounding and are very convenient. You can collect fresh herbs just before cooking from your home container garden. At night also it is convenient to collect herbs if it is planted in a container....   [tags: Gardening ] 569 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Herb Gardening - Herb gardening has many benefits grown in your own backyard. Herbs are really very much beneficial as first aid for your body and also for your surrounding. Gardening in your backyard is healing for the adults and kids which establish a connection with the nature. Specially, gardening with the children is more beneficial to enjoy the nature. Gardening and nature relives so much of stress. Gardening nourishes your spirit and allows connecting with your inner-self. Garden is the antidote for the noise pollution, busy schedule....   [tags: Gardening ] 513 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Herb Gardening - Herb gardening is the most interesting and curios for the kids as senses are engaged thoroughly. Gardens are great motivators with nice smell and cool feeling. However these herbs were the first cure for the early peoples as medicine and used as food preservatives and cosmetics. In winter, you can encourage your kids to cultivate herbs in a windowsill who shows garden enthusiasts. To start a herb garden all you need is a sunny place, soil containers and selected herbs. Culinary herb is the excellent selection as it is easy to grow and maintain....   [tags: Gardening ] 512 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] British Gardening - “Spring wake-up call—expert tips to help you sow, plant and grow a better garden this year,” the English newspaper the Telegraph proclaims. The “blooming [was] marvelous” in Banbury as “locals took part in a weekend of national tree planting [which] took place to celebrate the launch of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom…campaign” (Banbury). Spring has arrived in Great Britain. If the flowering magnolias and bright yellow daffodils waving in the sunshine are not enough to convince you, just check the newspapers—the people of England will not allow anyone to take the long-awaited season for granted....   [tags: Spring, Great Britain, Garden]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Gardening: Planting SunFlowers in a School Environment - ... Besides that, the principal of the kindergarten provides me the gardening tools from the store room. Other than that, gardening is a long-life learning process. Children’s involvement and interests in gardening is one of the reasons for sustainability of the project. Children’s interests are catalysts of endless possibilities (Woods, 2013). Children’s interest was boosted up because gardening is an interesting project for the children. Based on the kindergarten’s policy, children will be experiences on gardening each 3 months with different plants such as creating a fruit orchard, vegetable patches or growing flowers....   [tags: outdoor environment, children] 1426 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Learning Through Gardening - I can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow. I’ve heard that expression many times over the years and never understood it until this April. I can’t dance and it certainly is too wet to plow. So I sit here, surrounded by 90 pounds of seed potatoes, wondering when they’ll begin to rot. Or if my tomato and pepper starts are going to be overly leggy before planting time. The pea season’s gone, though I may take a shot at a fall planting, mostly to feed the deer and rabbits. I’m feeling some regret for the wildlife around the acre/someday garden....   [tags: personal narrative, creative writing] 955 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Japanese Sand Gardens - Japanese sand garden is also often known as Zen garden influenced by the Zen Buddhism, generally found in the Zen Temples for the purpose of meditation. The sand Japanese gardens are generally enclosed by walls, so that the visitors may not distract by the far away views. These Zen gardens are basically for meditation, where only stones, sand and gravels are used with a very limited number of plants. Water feature is represented by the skillful utilization of gravels, sand or mowed turf and sometimes bold rocks....   [tags: Gardening ] 522 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Gardening – The Perfect Hobby - Gardening – The Perfect Hobby Think of a hobby that has been around for centuries that people ages 5 to 95 can partake in. Gardening is that very hobby. As long as there is earth to plant and grow in, gardening will be around. “For nearly... well ... forever, gardeners and farmers grew plants using common sense, careful observation, and the resources nature provided” (Organic Gardening,1999). Just as technology has modernized our daily lives, it has also improved and eased methods of gardening as time has evolved....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Community Gardening: One Solution for Curing Diabetes - To talk about the diabetic epidemic African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos and not include its companion obesity only paints half of the full picture (Lombard, Forster-Cox and Smeal) (Oregon Department of Human Services). The diabetes targeted in this discussion is type 2. Type 1 diabetes is genetically derived; it is the body’s inability to produce insulin (American Diabetes Association). This type usually affects children and young adults. Type 2 is caused by unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices over a period of time....   [tags: insulin, food, sustainability]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Urban Gardening Program of Barangay Lias in Marilao, Bulacan - Marilao is located at the northwest of Manila, and with an approximate distance of twenty kilometers between them, it will take you merely fifteen minutes to arrive at Marilao via the North Luzon Expressway and about thirty minutes through the Mcarthur Highway. Marilao is in Bulcan which belongs to Region III or Central Luzon and lies geographically on the points 120° 57’ longitude and 14° 46’, latitude. A third of its total land area of 2,625 hectares is generally flat comprising mainly of farmlands and residential subdivisions while the rest, predominantly in the east, composes mostly of rugged areas along with some hilly portions....   [tags: Program Analysis]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Thomas Jefferson´s Gardening Compared to Today - Thomas Jefferson’s Gardening Compared to Today Thomas Jefferson one of our founding fathers was very interested in gardening and learning about the soil and land conditions. It has been written that he has grown over 300 varieties of vegetables and herbs and even over a hundred different kinds of fruits. “America's third president Thomas Jefferson was a man of many talents. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was a skilled architect, scientist, landscape designer, farmer and life-long gardener....   [tags: garden, vegetable, land, soil] 1419 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Popular Budget Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas - ... • Dollar Stores – You'll find dozens of spiffy planters and containers for a buck. • Thrift Stores – Good places to scout for innovative containers, such as chipped tea pots, bright colored buckets, etc. Think big. You'll need several 3-5 gallon pots to accommodate vegetables with long roots. • Hardware, Garden or Farm Stores – Cheap source of old-fashioned galvanized wash tubs and half whisky barrels. These are excellent containers for veggies like cucumbers and squash. Tip: While you're browsing, watch for sales on vegetable seeds....   [tags: vegetables, grow, health, size, seeds, process] 708 words
(2 pages) Better Essays [preview] 10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Sustainable Gardening - In today's grim economy and moving forward into an uncertain future, an increasing number of people have started using organic gardening as a means to grow some of their own food. While this was once a common practice during the Victorian era, organic gardening has made quite the come back in the past couple of years. In fact, Americans all across the country are taking advantage of everything from vacant lots to their own backyards. Sustainable gardening is a perfect method of supplying your household with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and eggs too....   [tags: Environmentalism, Agriculture] 1025 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Apollo's Human Gardening in Ovid's Metamorphoses - Apollo's Human Gardening in Ovid's Metamorphoses In Ovid's epic poem Metamorphoses, he uses many transformations of humanoids to explain the existence of many natural entities such as animals, plants, rivers, and so forth. Ovid uses the Roman gods to be the active agents in many of the metamorphoses, although some of them are caused simply by the will of the being. In the Melville translation of Metamorphoses, the stories "The Sun in Love" (book IV, ln226-284) and "Hyacinth" (book X, ln170-239) have occurrences of both agencies of transformation of people into plants....   [tags: World Literature] 1101 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gardening: Knowing The Difference Between Pole and Bush Lima Beans - Knowing the difference between pole and bush lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) is essential before starting the seeds in your garden. Hardy to . Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to11, these beans differ in yield and growing methods, which might make you prefer one over the other. (See References 1) Regardless of which type you grow, both are a nice addition in soups, stews and casseroles. About the Yield Bush and pole limas differ in that bush limas mature about 10 to 15 days earlier....   [tags: crops, seeds] 546 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Why People are Growing Vegetable Gardens - Home vegetable gardening is done for a variety of reasons by a number of people. One of the reasons why people grow vegetable gardens is due to the nation’s unhealthy eating habits. Another reason is the horrible state of the economy that the nation is currently experiencing. People have had to adjust to a different way of living by growing gardens which helps with both unhealthy eating habits and the failing economy. Growing their own gardens also saves people money on their grocery bills. Also people are growing gardens as a means of exercise and for the simple reason of the enjoyment of harvesting good tasting produce which in turn can be eaten fresh from the garden and can be canned or f...   [tags: Vegetable Gardens, gardening, ]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Biography of Johann Gregor Mendel - Johann Gregor Mendel was born on July 22, 1822 in Hyncice, Czechoslovakia. His father wasn’t the richest of all the people and his grandfather grew his interest in gardening. A priest taught Mendel but then he was admitted in an Institute of Philosophy in Olmutz. He couldn’t afford it so in 1843 he quit on what he was going to study and went back to the monastery in Brunn. Mendel believed that he would stay learning at the monastery, because he thought it was the best place for him. He was then later put in charge of the garden at the monastery....   [tags: gardening, monastery, priest, studies]
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(2 pages) Better Essays [preview] SWOT: The Better Way Company - The Better Way Company started in 1988 in a 3 unit building with 10 employees. This was the brainchild of Dr. Amornthep Deerojanawong who wanted to bring quality products to Thailand consumers at an affordable price. The company started with 10,000,000Baht and its current sales for 2012 were 10,000 million Baht (“History”, 2014). In addition its current office is a luxurious building site on 30 acres located on Ramkhamhaeng Road in the suburbs of Bangkok boasting “Future Gardening” by French botanist Mr....   [tags: gardening, revenue, segmentation]
:: 6 Works Cited 1828 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] Farming Problems - Well, I can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow. I’ve heard that said so many times over the years and never understood it until this April. I really can’t dance and it certainly is too wet to plow. So I sit here surrounded by 90 pounds of seed potatoes, wondering if they’ll rot, or if my tomato and pepper starts are going to be overly leggy before planting time. May approaches and June isn’t far behind with its usual lack of rain. The pea season’s is gone, though I may take a shot at a fall planting, mostly to feed the deer and rabbits....   [tags: farming, gardening] 953 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Japanese Garden Features - In earlier age, the specific features of Japanese garden have large and different influence during the historical periods. Most of people think that typical Japanese garden did not existed, as all the gardens differ largely from each other. You can say that a particular style of Japanese garden did not exist because the gardens were different from each other. Japanese gardens were open to every one and seldom. The Japanese gardens were build to meet the private needs and sometimes around the temples for a suitable environment for worship....   [tags: Gardening] 523 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Famous Japanese Gardens - Japanese garden has a very appealing aesthetic importance due to continuous change in various seasons. These gardens always maintain the stillness of air and peace, even though they are changing externally in every season. Following are some of the famous Japanese gardens all over world: • Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto: It is a famous Zen garden style and one of the most popular dry-landscape designs. It is believed to be the unique masterpiece in the culture of Japanese gardens. This garden is comprised of low walls, rock seats arranged on white gravel bed....   [tags: Gardening] 508 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Japanese Garden Elements - Japanese garden elements are the main parts for its decoration and beauty. Every style of art has their elements of own. A garden of Japan has numerous elements like water, rocks, islands, bridges, ponds, teahouse, lanterns, borrowed scenery and plants. The combination of these elements makes the garden alive. Following are the important elements of Japanese gardens: • Waterfall, bridges and ponds: The pond is also known as ike, is one of the basic elements of Japanese garden. It is the representation of river, sea or lake, as it is a water body....   [tags: Gardening] 559 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Eco-Friendly Wildlife Garden - Eco-friendly wildlife garden is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden with various types of benefits. There are large numbers of native wildlife reserve in the gardens with an important value all over the country. The most important elements for a good and healthy wildlife garden are food, shelter and water. These are the fundamental elements required by all the living organisms to survive. Food: You can consider the habitat of some insects that feeds on nectar. Some animals that feed on worms and slugs and birds that feed on fruits and berries can be put in the gardens to increase the aesthetic look of the garden....   [tags: Gardening] 720 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Review of Lowes' Gardening How-To-Clinic - Lowe's How-To-Clinic What nutrients do plants need to stay alive. Most plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in order to grow to maturity. Commercial fertilizers contain all the ingredients that are necessary for plants to thrive. Commercial fertilizers are a gardeners asset. Fertilizer assists in growing a stunning and colossal flower bed, unfortunately, commercial fertilizers have a grave effect on the environment, and devastates the lives of animals. Fertilizer is applied to plants to help them grow, then it eventually seeps into the ground, and pollutes ground water....   [tags: agriculture, horticulture] 771 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Students with School Gardens Have Better Understanding of Agriculture and Food Sources - School gardens are being implemented in elementary, middle, and some high schools around the country to provide a valuable hands-on learning experience for students. The increasing number of food-related problems in today's society, such as obesity, eating disorders, diseases, and a general disconnect from food sources, have contributed to these schools' desire to develop awareness and understanding in coming generations. The schools have been using gardens to bring children closer to the food they eat, by teaching planting, nourishing, harvesting and cooking the food they grow....   [tags: School gardens, education, gardening, food sources] 1594 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Top Six Hobbies For Men And Their Amazing Benefits - Have you lately been feeling overworked, stressed and tired then its time for you to think about the good old days when you felt happy and satisfied and actually had a hobby. Well this article gently coxes you to revisit those times and apply it now for a more relaxed, healthy and satisfying life. Wikipedia defines hobbies as activities or interests which are done for pleasure typically done during one’s leisure time. Hobbies can boost confidence, self esteem, passion, pleasure and accomplishment....   [tags: Chess, Music, Reading, Sports, Gardening, Fishing] 957 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] August Chores - August can be a terrific month in the garden. Traditionally August is the beginning of the tomato harvest season and all warm season vegetables should be maturing this month. In addition, gardeners can plan for fall crops of lettuce, spinach and other greens. August is not all sweetness and light however. Heat, insects and disease can take their toll. Don't let neglect destroy a summer's work. Weed, water and watch. Stressed plants are more susceptible to the ravages of disease and insects, and an overly-dry plant is a stressed one....   [tags: Gardening ] 627 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Dialogue Essays: Skylights - Iyra I have looked down at the Earth my entire life, watching through the glass walls of the Skyway, believing that I didn’t belong there. My Guardian Ezamerele tells me that I would not survive on Earth, and the Skyway is the best place for me. I think that Ezamerele is wrong, despite the fact that she wasn’t born on the Skyway, that she was brought here from Earth. Eza is only my Guardian, she is not who I am, she only knows what I show to her. I know-have known-that I belong on Earth, and I need to find out how to get there....   [tags: Earth, leaving, gardening] 690 words
(2 pages) Better Essays [preview] Garden vs. Organic - Fruits and vegetables are grown chemical-free in a backyard gardens whereas some pesticides are used on fruits and vegetables that are grown organically. Industrial farms have jumped on the band wagon and are turning to pesticide free farming. According to the organic trade associations website, if consumers would choose to purchase only one organic item out of every ten it would provide fifty three million servings of fruits and vegetables harvested without pesticides each day. On the average, twelve different pesticides are what an adult is exposed to when eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables each day....   [tags: fruits, vegetables, chemical-free]
:: 11 Works Cited 1999 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Loving to Grow a Garden in My Backyard - ... The plants you buy from the nursery are young plants and are nowhere near the size that they will be when they mature. When it comes to container gardening, you can begin with seeds or plants. Many gardeners prefer to get a head start by using established plants. If you live in an area with a short growing season, plants are the best option. Especially for foods that are slow growing. Quick growing items such as lettuce, can be grown directly from seed. Know how your vegetable grows before you place it in the pot....   [tags: container, vegetables, weather] 553 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Dynamic Character Elisa in Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums - This essay of literary criticism is going to be on the Chrysanthemums written by John Steinbeck. This short story is considered to be one of the greatest short stories of all time. The author uses characterization to describe Elisa, she is a dynamic character. He shows us that she is a very lonely strong woman in the begging who wants to be loved. Who later changes because of this mysterious man. In this paper, I will prove that the author wanted to show Elisa as a dynamic character and how she changes through the story, from being strong and lonely in the begging, in the middle she because friendly talking to this man, and finally she gets all nice and dressed to go out In this short the C...   [tags: Character Analysis] 610 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Aquaponics: The Physical and Environmental Benefits - Growing food with Aquaponics is more efficient than growing food the traditional soil garden way. In a typical soil garden, growers end up spending hours of their time doing back breaking work on their garden, but not anymore, with Aquaponics the need for any tilling, digging, or weeding is eliminated. Aquaponics combines Aquaculture (Raising fish in tanks), and Hydroponics (Growing plants without soil). The outcome is a working system that provides plants with all the nutrients they need, while using a minimum of space, effort, water, fertilizers, and pesticides....   [tags: Agricultural Research ]
:: 3 Works Cited 880 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Benefits of Creating School Gardens - There you are doing another boring school fundraiser, going around selling items to get lame prizes. Wouldn’t you like to ditch the boring fundraiser and do something fun that can teach valuable life lessons. Well, I have an idea for you, why not start a school garden. A school garden would cost money to make and would take a lot of resources to build but it would all be worth it. Fresh food, you know exactly where it has been. Some people think that a school garden would be a wast of valuable resources....   [tags: school garden, students, education] 715 words
(2 pages) Better Essays [preview] Living Inside The Fence You Create - Elisa is a trapped woman. She is trapped in her “closed off” (Steinbeck 459) location of the Salinas Valley; trapped in her “blocked and heavy” “gardening costume” (Steinbeck 460); trapped behind her “wire fence” (Steinbeck 460). Elisa is trapped woman, however all of the things that keep her trapped are ultimately hers: “her wire fence” or her constricting clothing (Steinbeck 460). Elisa's inability to step beyond her boundaries ultimately leads to her continued unhappiness and feeling of entrapment in her feminine role....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]
:: 2 Works Cited 1169 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] SWOT and Situational Analysis - Situational Analysis In 1975 Ruth M. Owades joined The Avion Group where she became the Director of Marketing. The Avion Group consisted of seven mail order companies, which had all been acquired after achieving good individual success. These companies had flourished within Avion, which had had spectacular growth. While working with these companies she found out that many people who buy by mail have a lot of hobbies & one hobby that kept on coming in her analysis was gardening. In 1978 seeing an opportunity she offered a proposal to her Chairman to start with a ‘Gardening Catalogue’....   [tags: Ruth M. Owades, The Avion Group] 783 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Effect of Fertilizer on the Wisconsin Fast Plants - For years farmers have been adding natural fertilizers to their crops. It is a big risk though. Over fertilizing is very dangerous. It puts high concentrations of salt into the soil. It can also affect the water resources nearby. Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium are the basics of fertilizer. If a certain nutrient is short in supply the fertilizer might not work as well. Calcium, iron, manganese are also nutrients that might be needed. So don’t just trust the fertilizer bag that says it has all the nutrients, test it out....   [tags: Science Experiment, Fertilizer]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Global Cut Flower Trade - The global cut flower trade exceeds US$27billion in annual retail sales and thrives on novelty. While modification of flower color is clear means that of making novelty, additional} as more factor are characterized, addition traits lend themselves to manipulation notably through the extension of classical breeding following gene-splicing. Traits targeted for manipulation resulting in novelty is classified as for the buyer or the producer. Whereas classical breeding has targeted each category, it's client traits, which, due to its relative gain, is drawn because the initial flourishing tries by genetic engineers to form market novel cut flowers....   [tags: slaes, buyer, producer, engieers] 1321 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] World War II: Return of the Victory Garden - Return of the Victory Garden The victory garden or home garden was something that was highly popular during World War I and II. People would grow their own produce to help with the local food supply and to ease pressure on the local economy. At that time, almost one third of vegetable that were produced in the United States came from people’s home gardening (). Since then, there has been a massive decrease in the home garden. Store bought produce had become common place and as a result people have stopped growing their own food....   [tags: fossil fuel, carbon monixide]
:: 4 Works Cited 827 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] Information Technology for Regional Gardens Ltd - What is the case: - There is a company named Regional Gardens in Bathurst with 150 employee, company runs a number of enterprises working related gardening. Company owns Regional Gardens nursery which selling plants gardening related material to public. Company also owns Regional Garden planners which works as the consultancy. At its main site where company servers and data is stored has the following infrastructure • Regional Gardens Ltd is a company that runs a number of related gardening enterprises....   [tags: gardens, employees, databases] 1549 words
( pages) Term Papers [preview] The Death of a Moth - What started out as an ordinary day turned out to be one if the worst tragedies in the history of Bangladesh – the fire at Nimtoli in Dhaka. I sat in shock as I saw the news reports of the tragic incident showing numerous buildings on fire burning mercilessly, people running in havoc with no idea where loved ones are and yet others trapped inside the buildings, screaming, being burned alive. However, nothing seemed to have any effect on the ruthless fire which kept on burning, claiming as many lives as it could, turning a deaf ear to the desperate cries of hundreds of people....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Virginia Woolf] 1761 words
(5 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck - ... Still, Elisa’s innate ability to grow things was not enough for Henry to let her collaborate in the economic progress of the farm. Even though Henry agrees about her wife’s ability by pointing out “you’ve got a gift with things… I wish you’d work out in the orchard and raise some apples” (Steinbeck 182), he does not considers this ability a sufficient condition to let Elisa collaborate in the farm’s economic productivity as he claims by answering “well, it sure works with flowers” (183). This lack of support by Henry’s side, leads Elisa to a mental state in which she feels powerless and disadvantaged as we see when she celebrates Henry’s success by saying “good for you” (183)....   [tags: women´s reality, great depression]
:: 3 Works Cited 1045 words
(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Tragedy of King Richard the Second: The Garden of the Kingdom - ... The Queen rejects all of these attempts, until she expresses, “…here come the gardeners…/They will talk of state, for everyone doth so/Against a change" (. 28-29). What is important to note in this statement, is that the kingdoms political state seems to be an ordinary conversation topic between common men because of Queen Isabel’s expectation for such topic. However, the gardeners need to hide the real messages about the rule under metaphor so they do not risk executing any form of treachery towards the King....   [tags: shakespeare, royalty, england] 571 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Planning a Non-Gender Curriculum for a Preschool - Planning a non-gender curriculum for a preschool can be difficult but can be done. We all have to take into consideration the child and what we want them to take with them through each learning center. It is for them to build knowledge so they can be able to take with them to the next station and share with others their learning. I have chosen four learning centers and made out activity” Second learning center is the dramatic play area with the activity “What would you want to be?” Third learning center is block center with the activity “Can we build it?” Fourth learning center is reading center with the activity “What is your story?” The learning centers I chose are the ones where more lear...   [tags: learning centers, learning experiences] 521 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Williamsburg Horticulture - Williamsburg Horticulture English influence was predominant, as exemplified by Williamsburg Horticultural explorers introduced plants from South America, Africa and thOrient by the late 1700's. Commercial nurseries become well-established A Colonial Garden in Williamsburg, Virginia -arrangements are formal, controlled, and highly structured -simple topiaries and clipped hedges -extensive use of bulbs, exotic plants, and ornamental flowers At right: The gardens at the Governor's Mansion in Williamsburg, VA....   [tags: Free Essays] 402 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady - Captain Daniel Forrester - Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady - Captain Daniel Forrester      In Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady, Captain Daniel Forrester is a gardener at heart. His lifetime is spent encouraging growth, whether of railroads, personal lives or flowers. His philosophy is to dream “because a thing that is dreamed of in the way I mean is already an accomplished fact” (44). Close friends described the Captain as clearly looking like “… pictures of Grover Cleveland. His clumsy dignity covered a deep nature, and a conscience that had never been juggled with” (39)....   [tags: Willa Cather A Lost Lady] 1663 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Careers in Horticulture - Outdoor work has always been important to me, both on the farm and off it. As someone who enjoys working with my hands to accomplish something that is challenging and productive, horticulture was a natural field for me to look into as a career. Horticulture requires both physical strength and mental ability that is practical and based on solving a real-life problem, rather than simply being an intellectual exercise or on arbitrary conditions. Horticulture as a term is a rather broad definition of a variety of careers and activities; is it merely backyard gardening or is it biological research culminating in genetically modifying plants for the advancement of our economy and well-being....   [tags: environment, outdoor work]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] College Admissions Essay: My Days as a Gardener - My Days as a Gardener 'Mom, how do you make a garden?' 'You plant seeds. You can buy them at the nursery.' 'Can I plant a garden?' Now this is the kind of question a mother wants to hear from her children. Not 'Can I play on the interstate?' or 'If I eat this will I die?' Something, instead, wholesome and good. An activity that not only teaches, but puts fresh produce on her table. It was decided, then, that planting a garden would be my summer project. My mother and I planned for it to be located behind our garage, in a sunny area of our otherwise shady backyard....   [tags: College Admissions Essays] 449 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] A Comparison of Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums and Gillman's The Yellow Wallpaper - Gender Inequality: A comparison of Steinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums” and Gillman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” Throughout history, Women have experienced a time when they did not have equal rights as men. It was defined as a time when women were stuck in a patriarchal society in which women were dependent on men, giving them complete control over everything. This was a major issue during the early 1900’s. It was during this time that numerous authors used this pressing issue to create renowned works of literature....   [tags: gender inequality]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Looking at the Life of John Wayne Gacy - Some times in life there are events that happen so horrific that it shocks the whole nation. Sometimes individuals that commit murderous sprees gain the attention of a whole community or country with a common unanswered question of why. John Wayne Gacy was one of those individuals that gained the attention of the mid west of our nation just outside of Chicago Illinois, with the murders of 33 young men and boys. Looking at the life of Gacy as a killer we do not see any one incident that clicked the serial killer on inside....   [tags: notorious serial killers] 760 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Community Action Plan: Urban Garden at School - ... Cure Children spend much of their day at school learning, building relations, and habits. The children build awareness surrounding food choices, as well as learn gardening skills through the creation of a school garden. Corona (2012) discusses a study involving children and the benefits of a school garden at Rockland County. In the study, they determined that the garden aided in physical exercise in addition to learning new items including math and science. Successes of a school garden have been seen in other communities....   [tags: health, nutrition, education]
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(2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Alice Waters: Mother of California Cuisine - When choosing a famous culinarian I probably should have chosen someone a bit more famous like Paula Deen, Gordon Ramsey, or Anthony Bourdain; (at least that way I would have a plethora of bios, summaries, and different multi medias to work with) who mind you are all amazing chefs and have made great names for themselves. But they are all “cookie cutter” chefs. They each have amazing talent and great TV personalities. But what have any of them done to enhance our industry. what have they done to revitalize a dieing breed....   [tags: famous culinarians]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] The History and Origin of Potatoes - Potatoes have a popular use in fast food, like French fries, tater tots, hash browns etc. Potatoes can be found in any supermarket, and in many different parts of the world. The Potatoes was actually the name of a short-lived anti-bullying club at Lincoln. What a lot of people don’t know is where they are from, how they grow, and what they are. Potatoes grow in full sunlight, and need it to survive. They are aggressively rooting plants, which means they constantly grow more roots, which means they need a lot of space for their enormous root systems....   [tags: food, medicine, garden]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] The Dangers of Using Teratogens - Teratogens, are substances such as drugs, chemical compounds, pollutants, certain illnesses and emotional disorders, capable of interfering with the development of an embryo and fetus. The effects of teratogens vary depending on the type, for example Stress which is the brains response to stressors (certain life events), that one perceives as challenging or threatening. During the Stress response, hormones such as cortisol are released and it is these hormones that can at the chronic level have toxic effects....   [tags: embryo, fetus, development]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Necessity of Urban Farming - Backyard gardening has always been popular to obtain fresh and nearly free produce in the urban landscape. However with the concerns over GMO (genetically modified foods) as well as pesticide use, and simply the cost of fresh produce in these hard economic times backyard gardening is giving way to a trend towards urban farming. This trend is not as carefree as the traditional backyard garden and begs that more organic means of pest and weed control be used in lieu of more hazardous chemicals. However, despite the sometimes staggering effort required the benefits of urban farming are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury....   [tags: hazardous chemical, organic products]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Emily Dickinson: Life and Literature - ... It is thought that Dickinson may have been engaged to Gould in the 1850’s. Some drafted letters written to “Master” by Dickinson have been found and they describe a passionate but changing relationship between her and the recipient. It is not known who these letters were supposed to be sent to. Later in Dickinson’s life, it seems that she had a romantic relationship with Judge Otis Phillips, who was a close friend of Edward Dickinson, Emily’s father. Lord and his wife Elizabeth visited the Dickinson’s household often, and it wasn’t until his wife’s death did Lord pursue a relationship with Dickinson....   [tags: notorious American poets]
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(3 pages) Better Essays [preview] Introduction to Biology - Introduction to Biology A biosphere is anywhere organisms Thus, any place on our green planet, or microcosms within it, is a biosphere--more importantly it is the only one that we know how to live off. A well known fact is that our biosphere is becoming less and less suitable for sustaining our rapidly increasing population. Gross pollution caused by industrialism and technological advances have seriously damaged the part of out planet’s atmosphere made up of O3, most commonly referred to as Ozone....   [tags: Papers] 788 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Little Woman, Small World - In a small world, there is not much choice for a simple woman. Throughout history, women often are portrayed as the weaker sex. As a result of this assumption, women try to disassociate themselves from this custom and be more independent with their lives. One of John Steinbeck’s most accomplished short stories, “The Chrysanthemums,” a story which concerns a married couple and examines Elisa’s dissatisfaction with her life. The story takes place in the Salinas Valley of California in December at Henry Allen’s ranch in the foothills....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Permaculture ands Sustainable Design - Sustainable design steadily becomes the architecture catch phrase of the day, being thrown around to make us aware that everything we “design” has an environmental burden. Many designers, architects and builders have installed the “idea of green” into their buildings to demonstrate a potential to improve performance and reduce costs through sustainable strategies. Despite all this one fact remains, that is the enviable depletion of fossil fuels, and without a major overhaul of our society, our economy and our politics, the ideas of “sustainable design” are just band-aids on the bigger problem....   [tags: Definition, Sustainable, Culture] 986 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] An Overview of Landscaping - Landscaping is a profession that involves a natural environment to look a certain way. This profession relies on gardening, but landscaping also involves the installation of a wall and other features. There are many reasons to practice landscaping from making a place look more inviting or make an area more functional. Landscaping has been around for thousands of years. To show for that is the ancient culture gardens. Landscaping was used for beautifying certain areas like temples, palaces, and public areas....   [tags: Landscaping Careers]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] Potential Hydrogen and Acidity - Potential hydrogen, more often known as pH, is the measure of the acid levels of a solution and is represented by a number one through fourteen. If the pH of a substance is six or below it is considered an acid, but if a substance is measured to be eight or above it is considered basic, meaning it has a lesser acidic value. (Willi Evans) Hydrogen is the element that starts the formation of acids in soil. Therefore, the higher potential hydrogen level, the more acidic the soil is. (Rachel Lovejoy) As indicated by the numeric pH scale, the typical pH of soil is between and ....   [tags: pH, acid levels of a solution] 1017 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Feminist Perspective of John Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums - A Feminist Perspective of John Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums  John Steinbeck, in his short story "The Chrysanthemums" depicts the trials of a woman attempting to gain power in a man's world. Elisa Allen tries to define the boundaries of her role as a woman in such a closed society. While her environment is portrayed as a tool for social repression, it is through nature in her garden where Elisa gains and shows off her power. As the story progresses, Elisa has trouble extending this power outside of the fence that surrounds her garden....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Martha Stewart Brand Dilution - 1. What is Martha Stewart the brand. What is the brand identity. Do multiple brand identities exist. Martha Stewart's brand stands for stylish and traditional American living. She is brilliant at channeling the taste and passion of her customers into new products and media. She is said to turn "dreamers into doers". Taking this in to the context of how corporate strategists want the brand to be perceived by internal and external constituents arrives at a brand identity. The core identity or primary associations include such words as "American living", "homemaker", "tasteful", "stylish", "how-to info", and "home"....   [tags: Business Marketing] 1270 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Being There - “Being there” is a story of a man named Chance who knew nothing other than gardening and what he saw on television. His actions, judgements, and thoughts were all a reproduction of his experiences with television shows and gardening. After being backed up into by a limousine driver Chance became the focus of America’s daily news. Although not being able to read or having any common knowledge about the outside world Chance uses his knowledge of gardening and what he sees on television to help him in conversations with people and to excel in the real world....   [tags: essays research papers fc]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] Strive for Equality - Strive for Equality It is stated in the Equal Rights Amendment that “Equality of Rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex”. Still, looking back at history, it can be seen that gender has played a vital role in determining one’s status in society. The challenges women faced began when they were merely young girls. These girls were raised with the idea that they were only suitable for certain occupations, usually only to serve as wives and mothers....   [tags: American History, Discrimination, Women ] 1459 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] What´s Vertical Farming - It is 2050. Alice is walking down the street as one of the privileged with a ration card. Catching a glimpse of the current New York Times newspaper, she notices the front page picture. There are thousands of families starving for a food handout with their hands reaching towards food. The desperation can be seen in their eyes, but with the current world situation there is little Alice can do. She could share her rations, but this would leave her hungry with the rest. This is because the Earth is running out of viable soil with 80 percent of the world’s land already occupied (Mendleson, 2011)....   [tags: Benefits, Loss of Food]
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(4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Genetics: Mendel’s Principles - Gregor Mendel. Some of you may know him as the “Father of Modern Genetics,” others might not know him at all but his discoveries have impacted us all in some way. His experiments may have been completed on the genetics of pea plants and these differ from actual human genetics but the principles that he developed are the same for all genetics. Gregor Mendel was a man of modern science and his principles have allowed us to understand genetics more thoroughly. With Mendel’s background we are able to understand why he created his experiment and we can use these results to develop our own reason on why genetics affect us....   [tags: father of modern genetics]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] What is Herbology? - ... It is a slimy weed that grows underwater but when take makes the wizard or witch grow gills and webbed feet for up to an hour. Valarian root is best used for calming potions and can be placed in teas or potions to calm the taker down. It is also worn by grooms at weddings to ward of elves that are full of envy. Finally, knotgrass is a root that is symbolic for tying people together. Knotgrass is most famous for being used in polyjuice potions but is also used in the production of love potions....   [tags: rose thorns, knotgrass, wolfsbane, peppermint] 766 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Fresh Flowers - Flowers have long been admired by cultures originating from all around the world. Many new developments in the agriculture and landscape fields have been adopted by ornamental horticulture practitioners. Gardens filled with floral ensembles have been admired for centuries; recognition continues today. The Palace of Versailles, Central Park, and Busch Gardens all proudly display meticulous landscape designs. These locations are just a few places travelers and locals frequently visit. In past years, societies of historical note did not always have access to ample water supplies....   [tags: Floral Industry] 629 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Marriage in "The Story of an Hour" and "Chrysanthemums" - “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is closely related to the story “Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck. These stories relate with accordance in their thought of marriage to be an oppressive institution. Both stories show women who feel as though they are trapped, and feel unloved in their marriage. Mrs. Mallard felt as though she was trapped in her marriage, and she lost herself. With the same feelings, Elisa Allen also felt trapped and rather unloved from her husband. Kate Chopin and John Steinbeck express the same views on marriage in their short stories....   [tags: Literary Comparison] 596 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Hpw to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Garden - Raccoons can wreak havoc on your harvest, especially when you're trying to grow sweet corn (Zea mays), which in addition to other plant and animal matter, is part of their diet. Hardy to . Department of Agriculture planting zones 4 through 8, sweet corn is favored by these masked bandits during its ripening stage. (See References 1 and 2) To avoid a disappointing harvest, there are various things you can do to keep raccoons out of your garden. Fence Them Out Although a 3-foot-tall chicken-wire fence might keep other unwanted garden critters out, raccoons are good climbers, and won't let that stop them from getting to your sweet corn....   [tags: sweet corn, raccoons, agriculture]
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( pages) Good Essays [preview] Modern Role Reversals Between Men and Women - During the old days, the husband is the one who would be out working hard to make money for his family and make sure that all the necessities are sufficient. While the women often seen as the one who would tend to any housekeeping needs and would spend the whole day at home looking after the children as well as making sure that a house feels like a home. However, in this modern time, this way of living is not only dying out but actually seeing a role-reversal between both man and women. We can see that there are many different views towards the term househusband....   [tags: househusband, support, family] 590 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Mandatory Community Service for Graduation - Community Service is a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions. There are two groups who perform community service, and those are criminals and the rest of us. This means that, for the majority of us, performing community service is completely voluntary. It is for this reasons li that I believe that community service should not be mandatory in high school for graduation. The supporters of this act think of it as an ideal society’s noble concept, but it is rather a noble concept trying to force an ideal society....   [tags: voluntary, criminals, teenagers] 540 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Herb Garden - The Herb Garden The Internet until recently has not been something I am overly familiar with. It has only been in the last year that I have really been using a computer for much beyond word processing, and email. The Internet and its online communities, are a completely new experience for me, and quite a foreign one at that. During this past semester, I have found myself needing to look up all sorts of different information, and the Internet has been a primary source for that information. Since I have AOL, I attempted to get used to my computer and how the Internet works, by spending time in the AOL chat areas....   [tags: Internet Chat Rooms Communication Essays] 1201 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Ubiquitous Tomato - The Ubiquitous Tomato Each year, millions of Americans, anxious after the confinement of winter, are excited when spring begins. Home improvement stores and nurseries entice gardeners with announcements of special sales on items for the home garden. People converge on the nurseries in throngs, looking for the best plants to purchase. Much of the frenzy focuses on plants that yield edible products; one favorite American pastime is backyard gardening. Many backyard gardeners say that they don't have sufficient yard space to grow fruits and vegetables, and restrict their hobby to vegetable gardening....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers] 684 words
(2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Overwatering and Snake Plant - Introduction If your thumb is everything but green, growing a snake plant (Sansevieria spp.) can be ideal, because it require minimal care and is hard to kill. Also referred to as mother-in-law's tongue, this African native grows erect, sword-shaped leaves and is hardy to . Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12. (See References 1) Although easy-to-grow, there are still some problems that can effect the growth of your plant. Too Much Water One of the main problems that snake plants face is overwatering, which can result in root rot and the decline of the plant....   [tags: sansevieria, temperature, appearance] 557 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] dead birds - Dead Birds This movie is about a tribe on the island of Papa New Guinea. They are called the Dani. This tribe lives in the middle of the island. Near their enemy, another near by tribe. They live in little huts made from mud and wood. There tribe consists of about twenty to thirty people. If you are a man your day starts out by going to your tower, checking to see if the enemy is going to attack today then, signaling with smoke from a fire if it is ok for the others to start working in there gardens....   [tags: essays research papers] 556 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] The Use of Computers at Somerfields Supermarket in Cheadle - The Use of Computers at Somerfields Supermarket in Cheadle Each store in the Somerfields chain uses a computer to keep track of transactions (purchases) throughout the day. The system uses real time processing so that at any time the manager of the store can check exactly how much stock there is in the shop. For example, when someone purchases something the item is passed over a bar code scanner, which records the item's code number. This item is then immediately deducted from the stock held in a database....   [tags: Papers] 697 words
(2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Elisa’s Unhappiness in The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck - John Steinbeck’s short story “The Chrysanthemums” centers on Eliza and her relationship with her husband Henry. Critic Gregory Palmerino brings light to their relationship issues. He argues: “everywhere there is conflict in ‘The Chrysanthemums,’ but nowhere is there a fight. This absence of friction prevents Henry and Elisa’s relationship from progressing, whether it be as lovers, partners or parents” (Palmerino 1). What Palmerino does not focus on is where these deep-rooted communications stem from....   [tags: The Chrysanthemums 2014]
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