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Are you looking for a catchy name for your band? The name your band chooses can make the difference between success and failure. Picking the right name is one of the most important things your band can do. Someday when you make it big, how you picked your name could even become legend. So get it right!

 In 1987, vocalist Mary Davis left The . Band to pursue a solo career. The band recorded two more albums:Diamonds in the Raw with lead vocalist Chandra Currelley and  Fredi Grace (number 43 R&B in fall 1989), produced by Eban Kelly and Jimi Randolph, and One of Many Nights with lead vocalist Chandra Currelley produced by Curtis Williams. In August 1994, former lead vocalist Mary Davis reunited with Abdul Ra’oof and together they reconstructed a new band with the same funky . sound, appearing on comedian Sinbad’s HBO concert specials and Rhino’s various-artists set United We Funk issued October 5,1999. 

The idea for The Dogensteins can be traced back to the University of North Texas in Denton in the 1980s. Wes was a student there, and with current bandmate Sander Hickerson, had a rock band called The Dogs . Walking across campus one day, Wes thought he heard polka being
played. Not in the traditional style though. It had an edge to it. That’s when he met Carl Finch and Brave Combo . “They definitely influenced the creation of our alter-ego polka band,” Wes said. “We are eternally indebted to those guys.”

 · My wife is now watching the BBC1 show DIY SOS The Big Build. It's featuring a family in Wales who have had their entire house redecorated and they...

"Even though I think many of the album tracks were really good, you'd have to be a fan to get into them, but then we'd get a big single and we'd be off again, flying along. In fact, at one point they went to see Trevor Horn when Stiff thought it was maybe time for a change, but that's when 'Our House' popped out and so we maintained our relationship. I mean, we always had a great relationship with the band, but our professional relationship was maintained by their choice of songs or their songwriting and then us arranging the numbers and going through the studio process."

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I am an avid tennis players and have been experiencing pain in the hip that often radiates down to the knee area. I did have a lower back strain a couple of years ago and have rehabed that area. Are IT band problems common in tennis players? Thanks

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The SOS Band Just Be Good To MeThe SOS Band Just Be Good To MeThe SOS Band Just Be Good To MeThe SOS Band Just Be Good To Me