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Billy Rath disappeared from the music scene after leaving the Heartbreakers in the mid-1980s, and he undertook a period of rehabilitation to recover from the effects of sustained abuse of drugs and alcohol. Rath then went on to study for a degree in psychology and a postgraduate qualification in theology. He has also embraced religion and has worked as a counsellor for people with drug and alcohol problems. After being persuaded to attend the Max's Kansas City reunion gig in September 2010, Rath went on to form a band, The Street Pirates, with Joey Kelly on lead vocals (Buddy Love / Joey Kelly Allstars / Magic Tramps), Johnny Rao on guitar (David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain & Helen Schneider), Joy Ryder on background vocals (Avis Davis) and Bill Tello on drums (Hudson Dusters). Drummer Sesu Coleman (The Magic Tramps / Alan Vega) was Rath's first choice for the Street Pirates however Frankie Dell (Dead Cowboys / Trash Mavericks) was called in last minute to quickly replace Bill Tello on drums. After a few gigs in the New York City area with the current line up, Rath then moved up north to Massachusetts and formed a totally different band. He died on 16 August 2014, aged 66. [1]

Sheryl Crowd said: "This is unbearable. Vegas and now a great music hero has passed. You brought us so much joy, @tompetty. We will miss you. #RIPTomPetty"

You co-produce a lot of the albums with Tom, and you've co-written many songs with him. The other guys don't really get those opportunities. Does that ever bother them?
You'd have to ask them. Bands are so complicated. You ask a guy that question, and they go, "Oh, I never had a problem with it," but deep down they were jealous. I don't know. I would assume they probably felt the same way when we became Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It's also a free country. Anybody that wants to do songs outside the group is allowed to do that. So I don't know. Ask 'em.

Watching this video in the aftermath of Petty's shocking death is bittersweet. The group was in great spirits and on the verge of a stellar run of 53 shows that would keep them on the road for four straight months. The public didn't know that Petty was battling hip pain that made it hard for him to move around when he wasn't on stage, and nobody could have possibly imagined he'd die from a heart attack just one week after the final show. But at least he got to get in one final, amazing tour before the end. 

On the next album, Southern Accents (1985), the Heartbreakers picked up where they had left off. [ clarification needed ] The recording was not without problems; Petty became frustrated during the mixing process and broke his left hand when punching a wall. The album includes the psychedelic -sounding hit single " Don't Come Around Here No More " (#13 .), which was produced by and co-written with Dave Stewart . The video for the single, which starred Stewart, featured Petty dressed as the Mad Hatter , mocking and chasing Alice from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , then cutting and eating her as if she were a cake. This caused minor controversy after it was criticized by feminist groups, [ citation needed ] but the video did win an MTV Video Music Award .

Heartbreakers Get Off The PhoneHeartbreakers Get Off The PhoneHeartbreakers Get Off The PhoneHeartbreakers Get Off The Phone